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Renovated TSMU library is ready for the new academic year

Recently, the library of Ternopil State Medical University has undergone significant changes. Renovation work is now completed renovation on its first and second floors. Among the first visitors to experience the new place for study were the members of the Academic Council, which met on June 22 in the reading room.

 DSC_27181-300x199 DSC_27241-300x199

The reading room for instructors and students is now located on the second floor and divided into several functional areas. There is a zone for working with documents, an online classroom with 12 workstations, a sector for periodic literature, and a venue for conferences, meetings, and presentations. The room is equipped with comfortable and functional furniture. Particularly noteworthy are special racks to store and display periodicals. They consist of boxes, in which periodicals are stored. The lid of each box displays the periodical’s cover. These racks will allow the users to instantly see which periodicals available in the library, and select those necessary for work.


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Librarian workstations were also overhauled. Thanks to their connection to ALIS IRBIS system and barcodes on the documents all checking out in the reading room is now carried out automatically.

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The ground floor hall of the library now holds catalogs and files. Here users can find out availability of a publication in the library by searching electronic or traditional (paper) directory. For the convenience of electronic catalog search in the hall are installed special search terminals. When necessary, users can get professional help searching the catalog, since there in is constantly a bibliographer on duty.


In the recreation area there are comfortable sofas, armchairs and coffee tables. Here visitors can leaf through a newspaper or magazine, read a book and more.

Repairs were made to the toilet rooms on the ground floor. Additionally, book depositories are also being renovated.

To optimize and improve performance of computer equipment, the connection of the main library building to the Internet has been upgraded (the old cable was replaced with fiber optic cable), inside the library new cable connections were laid out, and Wi-Fi Internet access set up.

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Computer equipment of the library has been upgraded. Multimedia equipment in the reading room is being installed, and the number of workstations for users and librarians has been increased.


The library implemented automated bibliographic information system which allows quick access to electronic catalogs and other databases. Implementation of IRBIS 64 system now makes it possible to carry out automated delivery of books, improve control of book traffic and more.

  • Using IRBIS 64 the library created and supports 6 databases:
  • Catalog of all books of Ternopil State Medical University (work started in 2015)
  • Catalog of dissertations, theses, and theses abstracts (work started in 2016);
  • Subject catalog of articles in professional periodicals (work started in 2015);
  • Systematic index of articles from periodicals (work started in 2016);
  • Local and regional information index of (work started in 2016);
  • Works of TSMU instructors and professors (work started in 2015).

To better meet information needs of the users TSMU Library in 2016 became a member of Corporation of Medical Libraries of Ukraine. Now it is possible to obtain information about the content of 317medical journals  (217  Ukrainian and 100 foreign), more efficiently update subject catalog, order copies of papers from journals the university library is not currently subscribed.

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To restock and update the library fund open competitive bidding (tender) was announced in April 2016 for the purchase of library books. Bidding took place on May 30, 2016. Based on the results the library fund will be restocked with 4 130 textbooks copies of 83 titles in Ukrainian and English valued at more than 1 million hryvnas. This will significantly improve access of students to academic publications.

To popularize the library collections and serve information needs of its users in Ternopil State Medical University it regularly organizes book exhibitions, information days (second-to-last Friday of each month), departmental days, meetings, presentations, training courses. It also publishes updates on new acquisitions, virtual exhibit on the university site and articles in the university newspaper “Medical Academy”.

Open hours of Ternopil State Medical University Library :

  • during the school year: every day from 9.30 to 21.00;
  • during the summer holidays: Monday – Friday from 9.30 to 18.00;  days off – Saturday, Sunday.

Welcome to the library!

 Library Director Olena Protsiv.