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Best language experts among TSMU international students

The first days in Ukraine for students who came to study at the preparatory department of Ternopil State Medical University were not easy. They encountered a new country, new life without friends and relatives, different climate, a new language. But time does fly when students learn Ukrainian language and culture. It might not be easy, but they can always count on being surrounded by the friendly atmosphere of the university and preparatory department.

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If one is responsible, he confidently heads towards his goal. At the end of training an idea emerged to identify the best. Of the 68 students of preparatory department 10 agreed to participate in the contest of Ukrainian (Russian) mastery, held on June 21 of this year. Cevallos Rodriguez Ana Lucia , Gateka Dona ,  Adu Poku Aaron, Emma-Iwuagwu Adaihuoma Erica, Assilidjoe Maxwell, Abouzeid Khaled Ahmed Elsayed Mahmoud, Oru Dominic Gabriel, Nzeh Onyemuche Akibiyi, Awosan Wuraola Ruth, and Nganwaribe Geraldine Chidimma wanted to test their knowledge.

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The purpose of the event was to find talented students and help them to develop their creativity, stimulate intellectual and linguistic activity, and engage into in-depth study of Ukrainian or Russian. Participation in such contests allows the participants to evaluate their level of language training and encourages further improvement.

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It should be noted that international students have an opportunity to learn either Ukrainian or Russian language. That is why the contest tasks were presented in both language versions. The challenges consisted of three levels: grammar tests, listening, and a creative task that involved writing an easy on the topic “My Dream”. Language instructors supervised the participants to evaluate their talented pupils, and also enjoy watching fruition of the previous collaborative efforts.

The first place took Oru Dominic Gabriel from Nigeria, second – Assilidjoe Maxwell and  Gateka Dona,  third – Nganwaribe Geraldine Chidimma and Emma-Iwuagwu Adaihuoma Erica .

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It was interesting to listen in on hopes of young people expressed in Ukrainian. Here are some of them.

Oru Dominic Gabriel from Nigeria said: “My dream is to be a highly qualified ophthalmologist, because I want to help people to see the world. My goal is to be a good husband and a caring father. I believe that my dreams will come true, so always ask God for support. ”

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Another Nigerian student, Nganwaribe Geraldine Chidimma said that to achieve success, one must be hardworking and responsible. She added that if something is impossible for her, it is possible for God!

Nzeh Onyemuche Akibiyi from Nigeria dreams of becoming a successful gynecologist, to help women to become mothers. His compatriot Emma-Iwuagwu Adaihuoma Erica plans in the future to provide medical care to people from socially disadvantaged groups.

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“I must always stay positive. I dream to have a beautiful house with a large garden, and  a happy family. Also, I believe that good things come to those who work a lot and do not give up “- summed up AAwosan Wuraola Ruth Nigeria.

At the end of the competition the students thanked the organizers for its engaging topic, interesting tasks and attention. The winners were awarded diplomas, and all participants received commemorative certificates.

We congratulate the winners and wish them continued success in their studies!

Prepared by the Dean of Preparatory department L. Nalizhyta, and professor M. Tymoschuk.