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Ternopil State Medical University class of 2016 received their diplomas

On 23 June a ceremonial convocation of the Academic Council of Ternopil State Medical University took place in the Berezil Palace of Culture. This year, it is the 56th graduation of doctors  from the Medical Faculty, 12th graduation of the pharmacists, 8th of the doctors from the Faculty of Dentistry, 19th of the bachelors of Nursing and first for the graduates of specialty “Human Health”.

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Berezil auditorium was almost completely taken over by the graduates, their parents and friends. Yesterday students, they were eager to receive long-awaited diplomas. After the solemn performance of national anthem all those present were addressed by the rector of Ternopil State Medical Professor Mykhaylo Korda.

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“Your first day as students was the first day of adult independent life. Today’s celebration is bittersweet, combining the sadness of saying goodbye with the bright hope for the future. While studying at our university you found new friends, and some even their significant others. Health is the main value of life. That is why the medical profession has been and will be the most humane and most respected. I am sure that most of you will be highly qualified – and we have the reason to be proud of you. The University is proud of its graduates as they reach considerable professional success. For example, the current Minister of Health of Ukraine Viktor Shafranskyi is our alumnus, current president of the National Medical Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Vitaliy Tsymbaliuk is an alumnus as well. Whatever heights you reach, remember the most important, that kindness, care and openness with your patients will always be returned in well-being and gratitude. You are called to serve people. All the doors in any country in the world are open for you and you have an opportunity to learn best practices anywhere. And most importantly, you are the hope of our nation and our people. Public health improvement is one of your responsibilities now and everyone is hopeful that you do your best, “- said Mykhaylo Korda.

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The head of the university also said in English his best wishes for successful and professional growth to those Ternopil State Medical University graduates who came to study from other countries. He expressed hope that they will become the best ambassadors of goodwill of our university and Ukraine in their home countries.


Ternopil State Medical University graduates were greeted by Stepan Barna,  the head of Ternopil Regional State Administration, who noted that TSMU trains students from 52 countries of the world who then return home with a bright memories of their time in Ternopil. This is an important outcome aiding in establishing close cooperation with other countries.


The head of the Ternopil regional council Viktor Ovcharuk said : “First of all thank to the entire teaching staff for training of highly qualified medical professionals. To you, dear graduates, I want to say that you will never regret studying in TSMU. I wish you to become prominent doctors in your community, respected for your sincere heart and saved lives. I wish you to surpass the expectations of your teachers and mentors in your professional development. Current events force us to re-evaluate the importance of human life and health. I sincerely thank to the doctors who are now in the combat zone, saving our soldiers there. Dear graduates, your main task in the framework of the current reforms in Ukraine will be to create a culture of health involving entire nation.”


Vice-rector on scientific and pedagogical work, Professor Arkadiy Shulhay  announced the decision of the Academic Council to award the title of Honorary Professor of Ternopil State Medical University to Professor Alfred Owoc.

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“I am very touched being asked to participate in today’s ceremony. I am very pleased to receive the Honorary Professorship at the University. Past history of our two countries is complicated, but we must look forward to the futuret of cooperation and together build a great Europe “- said Alfred Owoc.


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Lublin province marshal Mr. Arkadiusz Bratkowski also congratulated the graduates of Ternopil State Medical University with this significant event in their lives.

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During the celebrations, students Mykhaylo Denysiuk and Vitaliy Kozub were recognized and received appreciation from the university administration for their active civic position, courage, patriotism and medical assistance they provided in the area of anti-terrorist operation.


Associate Professor Michael Furdela read the announcement conferring degrees of medical doctor. Those graduates who distinguished themselves throughout their study and demonstrated excellent knowledge were given diplomas with distinction by the rector of Ternopil State Medical University, Professor Mykhaylo Korda. Our congratulations to Lina Bagniy, Taras Bidovanets, Oksana Bob, Liudmyla Gorban, Victoriya Dobrianska, Vasyl Mahovskyi, Maryna Mytrohina, Marta Orel, Marta Franchuk, Olexander Tsybulskyi, Anna-Mariya Shulhay.

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Professional and bachelor diplomas were awarded to graduates the Dean of Medical Faculty Professor Oksana Boyarchuk and Dean of International Students Faculty, Professor Petro Selskyi. After receiving the long-awaited documents confirming their higher education, the young people took an oath of doctor. The oath was proclaimed by Anna-Mariya Shulhay and Syed Ahsan Ali.

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The announcement of the Pharmaceutical Faculty was read by the deputy Dean, associate professor Liliya Lohoida. The students of this faculty received the diplomas from the hands of the Dean, associate professor Dmytro Korobok.

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The Pharmacists’ oath was read by Nataliya Nedohin and Richofoegbu Chiamaka Zoe.


The announcement for the Faculty of Dentistry was given by the Deputy Dean Olena Shkumbatiuk.

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Faculty of Dentistry Dean, Associate Professor Svetlana Boytsanyuk gave diplomas to the dentist graduatess. The doctor oath was read by Pavlo Davybida and Izzi Efe Edeomoine.

The announcement of the Institute of Nursing delivered the deputy director Svitlana Danchak.

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The graduates received their diplomas from the director of Institute of Nursing, Associate Professor Svitlana Yastremska.The oath of nurse was read by Serhiy Speshylov and Azubuike Ebele Ifeoma.


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The announcement awarding degrees in the specialty of “Human Health” was given by the Deputy Dean of the Medical Faculty Associate Professor Iryna Smachylo and the graduates received their diplomas from the Dean Oksana Boyarchuk.

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The chairman of the Medical Faculty State Examination Board,  Professor Volodymyr Hoschynskyi in his greetings stressed that that graduates received a diploma from one of the best institutions of higher educational of Ukraine.


The graduates were also congratulated by the chairman of the Pharmaceutical Faculty State Examination Board, Associate Professor Halyna Kozyr. “The pharmaceutical industryemploys quarter of a million people and I sincerely believe that you will become high quality professionals. You have chosen a difficult profession that will encourage you to learn constantly and work hard, “- added Halyna Kozyr.


The chairman of the Dental Faculty State Examination Board, Professor Yaroslav Nagirnyi wished the  graduates happiness, peace and success.


The chairman of the Institute of Nursing State Examination Board, Professor Olha Fedortsiv noted that “this is an unforgettable event, because tomorrow you cross the threshold of being independent. Not just anyone can become a nurse. You need to possess the traits of compassion, kindness, and selflessness. ”


In his speech, the chairman of the Human Health State Examination Board Professor Ihor Mysula said: “It is gratifying that today in Ukraine so much emphasis is being placed on physical rehabilitation and great opportunities before you open up. You can realize your ambitions to the max. Remember that there are three things that are impossible to take back: a word, time and opportunity. Be careful in these categories, and seek improvement throughout your life. ”

Throughout the study the graduates become almost their children, because every day they had to delve into each student’s problems, to solve important issues, organize various events and much more. The heads of faculties filled their well wishes with much love and excitement for the future of their “children.”


“Ahead of you an important test professionalism, compassion, and collegiality. I believe that you will be raise to these challenges and be proud graduates of Ternopil State Medical University. I am proud that among you are students who excelled not only in acquiring knowledge, but also their civic position. In these difficult times for Ukraine they engaged in volunteer and charity work, helping soldiers in eastern Ukraine, organized and participated in patriotic and cultural events. Thank you very much for that. I wish you to be successful in life and accomplished in your profession “- said the dean of medical faculty Oksana Boyarchuk.

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Bogdan Kulikovskyi spoke on behalf of the Medical Faculty to thank the professors for their guidance, sahred knowledge and experience. NdjengNtyene Asther addressed to teaching staff in Ukrainian language with the words of gratitude and best wishes to his colleagues.

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Tetiana Atamanchuk spoke for the graduates of the Faculty of Pharmacy. Representative of the Faculty of Dentistry Olena Prysiazhniuk thanked for the quality instruction process. AlJumailі Yasir Dheyab Malih addressed all present on behalf of international graduates

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Press service of  Ternopil State Medical University.

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