XI International Student Summer School opens at Ternopil State Medical University

This July the hospitable family of Ternopil State Medical University for the eleventh time  welcomed international students from Georgia, Poland, Canada, Germany as well as the guests from Ukrainian medical universities and future doctors from TSMU at the education and recreation complex Chervona Kalyna. Today it is hard to imagine our university without this project. It allows young people not only improve their professional knowledge of the English language, but also find new friends, have fun and educational summer vacation, participate in events, and demonstrate their talents. Previous Summer Schools demonstrated that their alumni for a long time maintain contact with each other, cherish good memories and keep friendships. Thus, ISSS also functions as a network of from Ukraine and other states. This became particularly relevant today in light of recent events in the world. Summer school participants aim their activities to bring more positive and respectful attitude towards different cultures and nations to promote peace and goodwill and neighborly relations.


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This year students from Tbilisi State Medical University (Georgia), McEwan University (Edmonton, Canada), University Akkon (Berlin, Germany), Pomeranian University in Słupsk, Pope John Paul II State School of Higher Education in Biała Podlaska and Lublin Medical University (Poland) and Kharkiv National Medical University (Ukraine) came with visit to Ternopil State Medical University. The participants also welcomed to Chervona Kalyna lecturers from Murray State University (Kentucky, USA).


During the opening event, held on July 17 this year, the rector of Ternopil State Medical University Professor Mykhailo Korda wished all participants to spend their time in a productive way and gain positive experiences, new skills and knowledge.


“It has now become a good tradition that each year in July students from medical institutions of higher education in Ukraine and abroad visit Chervona Kalyna to participate in Summer School. I believe that all of you will forever keep in your hearts only the best memories of our university, Ternopil and Ukraine. This project stands apart from other similar camps by its creative organization and caring approach to each and every one of you. I am confident that this year the organizing committee has prepared many useful training classes, unforgettable trips and events. This is a chance to develop good communication and find new friends. I am convinced that the summer school also offers a great possibility for informal diplomacy that helps popularize our region and country. Today every opportunity in the world is open to you, so never stop but use each moment for personal and professional growth “, – said Mykhailo Korda.

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Opening ceremony of the XI International student summer school once again had an exciting surprise. Ternopil State Medical University students have prepared a dance performance set to a medley of modern Ukrainian songs. This creative gift caused a flurry of positive emotions, especially among the international delegations. Through movement the future doctors from TSMU conveyed the meaning of Ukrainian songs.

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In the performance hall of  the Chervona Kalyna convention center the guests could enjoy folk art show from the ISSS organizers and students of our university. A parade of traditional Ukrainian clothes did not leave anyone unaffected.


Representatives of Murray State University (Kentucky, USA) – Professors Miranda Sue Terry and Priscilla Dwelly

Such events are among most effective promotions of our country within the international community. This was confirmed by the guests from Murray State University, Professor of Athletic Training Dr. Priscilla Dwelly  and Professor of Community and Public Health, Dr. Miranda Sue Terry. They noted that such programs allow Ukraine to strengthen its position in the international arena and create a positive image. This is what is needed today given the realities of the conflict in the east and prevalence Russian propaganda. Both professors from Murray State University had positive impressions of Ternopil and Ukraine in general. For both of them it is the first visit to our country, and they have been impressed by Ukrainian hospitality, its natural beauty and the wealth of traditions.

During the opening celebrations TSMU students also presented the potential of Ukraine in various fields, talked about its prominent scientists, largest and most colorful cities, traditions, and the struggle for independence Performances of Ukrainian songs and dances by the students intensified impression from their narrative.


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All present were touched by the duet performance by the graduate of Ternopil State Medical University Mariana Palyhata and student of Tbilisi State Medical University Giorgi Choladze. The young people performed a famous Volodymyr Ivasiuk song ‘I will walk to far-away mountains’ . Giorgi  Choladze has participated in last year’s summer school , and this year the organizing committee invited him as a special guest. The young people rehearsed the song ‘I will walk to far-away mountains’  using  Skype. Giorgi promised to continue delighting the participants with his singing during the summer school.

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With much love, students presented their own Ternopil and university. In the form of a conversation between an applicant and TSMU students the future doctors could tell in detail about their alma mater and its advantages compared to other institutions of higher education.

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During the opening events everyone could experience Ukrainian traditions and culture by visiting an ethnographic exhibition of embroidery, antiques, and household items. The unique exhibition was organized by the family of medical university professor Orysia Smachylo. On this occasion Orysia also invited everyone to a master class in making of traditional herb-filled dolls. This was particularly interesting for all future doctors, because they could learn about folk medicinal believes and how the herbs were used by our ancestors.


Family of Ternopil State Medical University professor Orysia Smachylo


The delegation of McEwan University (Edmonton, Canada)


With the delegation of Tbilisi State Medical University (Georgia)


With the Polish delegation


The delegation of Kharkiv National Medical University (Ukraine)

Viewing the exhibition, the group from the Kharkov Medical University said that it inspired them upon their return home to explore embroidery of their native Slobozhanshchyna, visit the Ethnographic Museum, study and popularize cultural traditions of their region.

This year summer school participants will take part in several workshops taught by the experts from the Department of Public Health of Murray State University (USA): Professor of Athletic Training, Dr. Priscilla Dwelly and Professor of Community and Public Health, Dr. Miranda Sue Terry.


Professor of Athletic Training, Dr. Priscilla Dwelly , Murray State University (USA)

“We will talk about the interaction of doctors from different areas of medicine. For example, how can specialists in nutrition, sports medicine, rehabilitation other areas work together to treat the patient and restore his health. We will also discuss prevention of falls and other injuries. When Mykhailol Korda and Daria Kozak visited our university, we liked their openness and enthusiasm, so we decided to make a return visit to Ternopil State Medical University “- said Priscilla Dwelly.


Professor of Community and Public Health, Dr. Miranda Sue Terry, Murray State University (USA)

Miranda Terry added that she is excited to learn about Ukrainian traditions. She said that in many regards US is a relatively young country, so it is interesting to see how people preserve and promote traditional customs in countries with thousands of years of history.


It is the first time in Ukraine for the student of Lublin Medical University Michał Palicki, but in the few days’ time he already befriended many participants of summer school. He was extremely impressed by the organization of the event and expressed his appreciation to the organizers and Ternopil State Medical University. He also noted that he would be pleased to once again come to Ternopil.


A delegation from Canada had the opportunity to experience real summer, because now it is pretty cold in their home country.  Student Braidyn Lapp noted that her Facebook page is filling up with many new friends and she will be happy to continue communicating with them after returning home.

“Here we have wonderful time. While we are away from home, we do not notice the distance and feel comfortable. Of course, we read about the situation in your country, but we had no fear or prejudice, so we were happy to come and have not regretted it. The long flight was worth it. I sincerely thank to everyone, “- added her colleague Kalika LaRiviere.


Salome Chikhelidze studies dentistry in Tbilisi State Medical University. It is her first time in Ukraine and she is in love with the country. “My university told us about the project. Many students want to come to Ternopil, so there is a competition. I am happy that I was selected to be a part of the Tbilisi delegation and can be here today, “- shared her thoughts Salome.


As for her colleague Waco (Valeri) Zarnadze, he is likes the consideration, the organization and, of course, the Ukrainian girls. He expects to amass lots of positive impressions from rafting on the Dniester river and communication with other project participants.

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The international student summer school program also includes a competition Teamwork in Medical Emergencies , which has now become a tradition, as well as culture presentations nights, dances, performances and more.

Press service of Ternopil State Medical University.