Experts from Murray State University (Kentucky, USA) held a two-day workshop for TSMU faculty

For two days, on July 18-19, experts from Murray State University (Kentucky, USA), – Professor of Athletic Training , Coordinator of Clinical Education, Dr. Priscilla Dwelly, and Program Director of Public & Community Health, Assistant Professor of the Department of Applied Health Sciences Dr. Miranda Sue Terry  held a workshop for the faculty of Ternopil State Medical University covering the issues of minimizing the risks in athletic training as well as the interaction of specialists in various medical disciplines in multidisciplinary teams.


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The head of the Department of Physical Rehabilitation, Health and Physical Education professor Daria Kozak tells that workshop participants were the instructors of the Department of Physical Rehabilitation, Health and Physical Education, Department of Disaster Medicine and Military Medicine, Department of Medical Rehabilitation and the Institute of Nursing. These TSMU are teaching medical students the basics of rehabilitation, and assistance during emergency situations. In addition, this September our university begins training course for a Bachelor ’s Degree in a non-medical specialty Physical Rehabilitation. “This specialty is closely related to medicine, as experts in this area should have the appropriate knowledge, because they will have to work in a multidisciplinary team under the guidance of a doctor – continued Daria Kozak. – These specialists will be employed in hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers, fitness clubs, sports facilities, and health centers. Graduates with this specialty will have broad enough background to be in demand in of the above institutions.”


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The of the Institute of Nursing Svetlana Yastremska said that during the workshops, the participants were able to learn more about how the physical rehabilitation occurs in the US. The participants noted that approach of American practitioners is different from Ukrainian practice. According to Svetlana, in US the physical rehabilitation specialists are often non-medical professionals and much emphasis is placed on screening for disorders.

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“I am particularly interested in the information and work plans for multidisciplinary teams working on treatment and rehabilitation of patients. It is important experts in various fields work together. For Ukraine this is a new direction that we should implement in our academic process and actively implement in our system of public health. Today we have already adopted a number of legal instruments that promote development of the field of physical rehabilitation. In September will sill start teaching students the fundamentals about working on a multidisciplinary team, “- shared his plans the Head of Department of Medical Rehabilitation, Professor Ihor Mysula.

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At the end of the workshops all participants were awarded certificates while professors from Murray State University said they received much of interesting information about the physical rehabilitation process in Ukraine.

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“We are grateful to Murray State University administration for the opportunity to share our knowledge and gain valuable feedback from the participants of the workshops. For us it was a great opportunity to hear about experience and practical advice from the Ukrainian colleagues. For example, our medical or rehabilitation teams do not always require that a medical doctor or a physician was a part of the team; however in Ukraine it is mandatory. This is why we had so many questions about how team members interact with a physician. In general we are interested in finding out more about Ukrainian health system and we are happy to study your experience, “- said Professor of Athletic training, Dr. Priscilla Dwelly.

Press service of Ternopil State Medical University.