Ternopil State Medical University students interned at a clinic in Poland

Fifth-year students of Ternopil State Medical University Medical Faculty Olena Oliinyk, Tetiana Lazar, and Iryna Lehka recently returned home from Poland after completing an internship. For one month they worked at the hospital of town Kutno in Łódź Voivodeship improving their medical skills.


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“We liked the attitude of the staff and our work place equipement. We worked a lot and gained new skills. Each week of the internship was devoted to a particular clinical area– general practice, OB/GYN, surgery and paediatrics. After each thematic cycle we had exams and received grades. The month filed by so very we almost did not notice it. We most enjoyed the surgery part of the internship, since we had an opportunity to assist during surgeries, applied stitches after surgical procedures and performed electrocoagulation. Of course, the doctors supervised us and helped to perfect all these manipulations. Regarding gynecology, we participated in clinical examinations, so we well mastered carrying out ultrasound tests and bimanual examination. In Poland there is a different approach in organization of general practice unit. They do not have the ‘classic’ general practice unit we are used seeing in our hospitals. In the Polish clinics the general treatment unit houses mostly patients on almost terminal stage and there they mostly provide hospice care. Instead they have, for instance, a separate endocrinology and other specialized units. The internship in pediatrics gave us an opportunity to examine children, in particular perform palpation, percussion, auscultation, and differential diagnosis “- said Olena Oliinyk.

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The students even worked the second shift to acquire practical skills in dermatology and neurology. The girls were grateful for the excellent knowledge base they have received during training at the home university. The value of their knowledge was recognized by the Polish clinical doctors. For example, before they started working at the neurology department, each of the students had an interview, where their theoretical knowledge was evaluated.

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One our student representatives Iryna Lehka emphasized that the four-week internship at the hospital in Kutno was very important for them and thus unforgettable.


“We were able to compare the level of Ukrainian and Polish systems of public health, learned fundamentals f hospital operations and work of medical staff, improved our practical skills and knowledge.

“At the internal medicine unit we paid a lot of attention to communication, care and nursing, accompanied patients to their clinical examinations (during the doctors demonstrated us the principles of conduct), improved our nursing skills. Were actively doing medical rounds, examined patients, completed temperature charts “- shared her experiences Iryna.

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“Overall, this month gave us a lot of knowledge and skills, brought many good impressions and emotions. In addition to practicing medicine, we were able to visit the capital of Poland, Warsaw and the beautiful city of Lodz. We sincerely thank the hospital staff for their patience, their time they devoted to us, and the experiences they shared, “- added Irina Easy.

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Ternopil State Medical University students received valuable practical experience and unforgettable memories during the internship with the Kutno clinic. Next year the future doctors from TSMU will also be able to hone their practical skills in clinics in Poland.

Press service of Ternopil State Medical University