TSMU dentistry students started using a renovated study hall

Each academic year at Ternopil State Medical University starts with improved facilities for both studying and living. The most recent improvements include an upgraded emergency nurse’s station, renovated and modernized university library, newly-created phantom class, and more. Thus, this year dentistry students started studying in a new lecture hall 9, located in the 3 Chekhov building.

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“The lecture hall was completely renovated and its floor plan was changed, so now all students can see the screens and view presentations. In addition to the multimedia system, which includes a number of large TV screens to display visual part of the lectures, we’ve installed modern furniture. In addition, we’ve installed a new lectern, which makes teaching more comfortable for the instructors. The lecture hall is designed for 160 to hold up to 160 students and will mainly be uses by the students of the faculty of dentistry.”- said vice-rector for scientific and academic work, Professor Arkadiy Shulhai.

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He added that the university is implementing a new project to create a modern dental complex based in academic buildings of 3, 5, and 7 Chekhov. The main goal is to make teaching and learning comfortable for everyone.  For instance, another completed project is an addition of the enclosed airwalk between the buildings so that students can quickly change classrooms.