Meeting of TSMU graduates

On September 16 meetings of alumni who graduated from the University 15 and 25  years ago took place in Ternopil State Medical University. Rector of TSMU, Professor Mykhaylo Korda greeted all those who have gathered.

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Each alumnus or alumna, who came on this day to visit their alma mater, cherished the opportunity to immerse themselves in the memories of carefree student days, and meet with their teachers and classmates.

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Associate Professor of clinical immunology, allergies and general care Volodymyr Gorodetskyi said that meetings like this one play an important role, because they bringing to gather former classmates, now professionals, helping to renew contacts and learn more about the life of each other.

We wish all our graduates health, professional success and recognition form their patients as well as comfort and peace to their families and God’s blessings.