International Pulmonology School opened at Ternopil State Medical University

International pulmonology school Topical issues in Pulmonology: modern approaches to obstruction treatment and immunotherapy opened on September 22 at Ternopil State Medical University. Professor Emeritus of Wroclaw Medical University Wojciech Barg came to TSMU to take part in this event.


During Dr. Barg’s meeting with the rector of Ternopil Medical University, Professor Mykhaylo Korda, he noted that cooperation between the two universities continues to expand. This year, in addition to now traditional academic exchange programs, the Polish and Ukrainian universities will take part in the program Erasmus Plus. Within the framework this program, two teachers of TSMU will read lectures to the students of Wroclaw Medical University, while Wojciech Barg will conduct course in pulmonology for TSMU students.


Each year in summer the students of the medical faculty can intern at the clinical sites of Wroclaw Medical University, and in winter this opportunity have the students of the faculty of dentistry.

Wojciech Barg proposed to extend this line of cooperation, and include the students of the Faculty of Pharmacy into the practical training program. They will be able to travel to Poland in July and August during summer holidays. The criteria for selection will remain the same: excellent command of English or Polish, high professional motivation and academic performance.


Dr. Barg, who is an Honorary Professor of Ternopil State Medical University, noted that with each year TSMU students coming to Wroclaw Medical University are more motivated and better prepared. In his view, academic exchanges improve both theoretical and practical training of future doctors, thus this area of cooperation will be a priority in the future.


Inaugural meeting of the International pulmonology school started with an address from TSMURector, Professor Mykhaylo Korda. He noted that the schools will become a tradition, taking place every autumn at Ternopil State Medical University, where Ukrainian and international experts and scholars in the field of pulmonology and allergy will meet to discuss important issues of this field and develop new approaches to treatment. Dr. Korda wished all participants fruitful work.


Professor of Physiology of Wroclaw Medical University and practicing physician in the field of Pulmonology and Allergology, Wojciech Barg spoke about Current concepts in asthma & COPD. In his lecture he devoted considerable attention to the diagnostic aspect of these disorders, current views on treatment approaches, and shared his professional experience.

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Professor of Kavetskyi Institute of Experimental Oncology, Oncology and Radiology of the NAS of Ukraine Ninel Berezhnaya in her talk highlighted the role of B cells in the formation of allergic reactions.


The report on Current approaches to the treatment of broncho-obstructive syndrome was presented by Head of TSMU’s Department Clinical Immunology, Allergology and General care, Professor Igor Hospodarskyi.


Head of the course on tuberculosis of the department of Internal Medicine and tuberculosis, Professor Leonid Grischuk presented report “Broncho-obstructive syndrome in tuberculosis and pulmonology.”

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In addition, participants took part in  master class on nebulizer therapy.