Ternopil State Medical University scientists participated in international symposium «Plants in Pharmacy and Nutrition» (Poland)

Professors of the Department of Pharmacognosy with Medical Botany of Ternopil State Medical University M.Shanayda, I.Dahym, T.Berdey and of the department of management and economics of pharmacy and drug technology I.Berdey participated in International Young Scientists Symposium “Plants in Pharmacy & Nutrition” (PPN2016) which took place on 15-17 September in Wroclaw (Poland).

The symposium brought together over 150 participants from 20 countries in Europe, Asia and North America. It included 9 plenary, 15 oral and 120 poster presentations. The participants discussed prospects of phytochemical and pharmacological studies of plants to prevent and treat various diseases and improve the quality of food. Many presentations addressed molecular mechanisms controlling synthesis of bioactive substances, taxonomic chemistry research, and studying antimicrobial, anti-oxidant, cardioprotective, anti-inflammatory properties of medicinal plants.

Organizers of the symposium presented an original exhibit of little-known medicinal plants of different origin, which are being studied both in situ and in vitro at Wroclaw Medical University.

Ternopil State Medical University scientists presented their research in 4 poster presentations: Chromatographic analysis of primary metabolites in aerial part of Ocimum americanum L. (M. Shanaida, I. Kernychna, Yu. Shanaida), Polysaccharides in Bellis perennis L. (I. Dakhym, S. Marchyshyn), Phenolic compounds in dry extract from the herb of Tagetes patula (I. Berdey, G. Kozyr), Chemical composition of three Marigold species (Tagetes spp.) (T . Berdey, S. Marchyshyn).

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Symposium program included an interesting tour of the Pharmacy Museum in Wroclaw, which has a unique historical value: the pharmacy had been continuously operating for almost 700 years, since mid- XIII century. Today it is a museum with several exhibition halls. The participants also enjoyed viewing distinctive architecture of Wroclaw with its many churches, bridges and miniature gnome sculptures. The city is declared 2016 cultural capital of Europe.

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Participation in the international scientific symposium gave our researchers an opportunity to hear presentations of the leading scientists in the field of pharmacology of medicinal plants, and to discuss promising areas of phytochemical and pharmacological studies.