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TSMU international students participated in relay race

Friendship between Ternopil State Medical University international students and Lilia Prots, a well-known in our community activists and athlete, continues. During this summer, students from Ghana, Nigeria, Iraq and other countries on a number of occasions visited and taught at the children’s summer camp “Wonderful World,” which Ms. Prots have been organizing in Ternopil for the last several years.

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This time she has gladly responded to an invitation to to host the athletic relay race for TSMU international students. On the last day of September young people from Poland, Nigeria, Egypt, Ghana, India, and Pakistan got together to have some fun. They divided into 6 teams to compete in relay games, while the fans cheered their teams from the sidelines.

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The real winners were all of the students, as they developed new friendships. In conclusion the race, Lilia Prots awarded each participant a small gift. The students offered to make such events regular. They said that the race was an exciting way to get to know each other better, learn to work as a team, and support each other.

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We thank Ms. Lilia Prots for an engaging and fun way to spend the last day of September.