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Scientists of Ternopil State Medical University started collaboration with Czech colleagues

Lecturer in primary prevention of University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice (Czech Republic) Marketa Kastnerova came with a working visit to Ternopil State Medical University on 27 October  2016. During the meeting the parties signed an agreement on cooperation between two University faculties. Dr. Kastnerova is a researcher in the field of medicine studyig the impact of environmental factors on human health.


“For a long time I have been familiar with the work of Lviv researcher Anatoly Vasylchuk who is a specialist in alternative medicine. In Czech Republic this area is not well developed, but is very interesting for us. In my view, this area of medicine deserves more attention. I talked with Dr. Vasylchuk and he recommended to develop cooperation with Ukrainian researchers, in particular with Professor of Ternopil State Medical University Dr Liliia Babinets, and in general to expand my network of Ukrainian scientists and practitioners “- said Marketa Kastnerova.

In the framework of this cooperation agreement Ternopil State Medical University will invite South Bohemia scientists to present at conferences organized by TSMU , while Ukrainian researchers will attend conferences in Czech Republic. Another direction to be implemented is a program of academic exchanges for teachers and students.



“Primary and secondary disease prevention is one of the areas our department focuses on. Primary prevention is prevention of disease and combating risk factors. Secondary prevention involves fighting progression of the disease. We have common research and practical areas of interest with our Czech colleagues, because in addition to basic treatment options we often use of adjuvant techniques such as reflexology, nutrition, osteopathy, herbal medicine, leech therapy, etc. that we consider to be effective. In Ukrainian medicine all these methods are officially recognized as valid treatment options by the Ministry of Health. In Czech Republic the situation is different and doctors use the above methods mostly in private practice. However, worldwide all these methods are now experiencing renaissance of sorts. In Germany, for instance, many family doctors hold additional licenses to use alternative medicine treatments. We think that this collaboration is both interesting and important, because the most important thing is how each person relates to their own health and which lifestyle they lead. The agreement opens many opportunities for researchers of other departments of the University, including Environmental Health, Normal and Abnormal Physiology, and Rehabilitation. During the meeting we also discussed potential  involvement of faculty and students of our Institute for Nursing “- said the head of the Department of Primary health care and Family medicine professor Liliia Babinets.