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Professors from Fairfield University gave a lecture on academic integrity

On 2 November professors from Fairfield University (Connecticut, USA) Catherine Nants and David Schmidt visited Ternopil State Medical University to give a lecture in the framework of the promotion of academic integrity in Ukraine. The guests also met with the vice-rector for research and academic work, Professor Arkadii Shulhai, Vice-Rector for reseach, Professor Ivan Klisch and TSMU faculty.




Dr. Arkadii Shulhai spoke with the guests about latest innovations at the university, including the opening of the center simulation training, beginning of training in the specialty of “Physical rehabilitation” and others. He also mentioned  that starting in 2017 Ternopil State Medical University plans to start training in prosthetics manufacturing and maintenance, which is very relevant given certain Ukrainian realities.



Academic Integrity Project managers expressed appreciation for the active role of Ternopil State Medical University faculty and students participating in the project. They talked about teaching modules on academic integrity they have developed, the first concerning with the philosophical concept of academic integrity, the second focusing on skills for academic writing and oral presentations, and the third on scientific approach to research. “This course is designed for students of any year of study. We also already worked out some recommendations for developing an Honor Code and its implementation in higher education “, – said SAIUP Project Coordinator Taras Tymochko.


Catherine Nants said that she liked the Ternopil and their delegation spent time here productively. ” Your programs are interesting, especially those using new technologies designed to improve the quality of training and the quality of life of patients. Our university has a strong Nursing School, offering a number of master’s programs and a doctoral degree in nursing. The learning process is more focused on the practical side of the profession. Over the past ten years, we’ve been focusing on practical skills and the use of simulations in the training process “- said Catherine Nants.


Profesor David Schmidt, in addition to teaching, leads the University Center for Business Ethics. He noted that the issue of academic integrity is gaining global prominence and concerns not only Ukraine but the world scientific community as a whole.


American professors visited the center of independent testing to observe objective assessment of student learning at TSMU.

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Many students and faculty attended the lecture on academic integrity and developing and implementing of an honor code by American experts Catherine Nants and David Schmidt. After the theoretical part there was a discussion.