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TSMU scholar completes an internship at the University Paul Sabatier in Toulouse (France)

Assistant Professor of the Department of Pediatrics of Ternopil State Medical University Iryna Sarapuk from 20 June to 25 October had an internship at the University Paul Sabatier in Toulouse (France) as a part of the program Erasmus Mundus Medea.


Faculty of Medicine of the University Paul Sabatier.

Our scholar was as a post-doctoral researcher at the neonatology department of university pediatric hospital PURPAN. The department has 43 beds and is composed of three divisions: Intensive Care (26 beds), Standard Care (12 beds) and Joint Stay children and their parents.


Children’s Hospital PURPAN in Toulouse.

The internship in university pediatric hospital PURPAN allowed Dr. Sarapuk to study the latest approaches to the organization of neonatal services, diagnostics and treatment for most common diseases of newborns, including neonatal sepsis, necrotizing enterocolitis, birth defects, respiratory disorders, and neonatal jaundice as well as European protocols for nursing preterm newborns. During the internship Dr. Sarapuk  learned the characteristics of neonatal intensive care depending on the gestational age according to the 2015 European Guidelines (European Resuscitation Council Guidelines for resuscitation), and worked in the maternity ward.


Maternity ward of PURPAN.

Priority area for the staff of the division is introduction and implementation of the program for nursing of premature infants, NIDCAP. The Newborn Individualized Developmental Care and Assessment Program (NIDCAP) is a comprehensive program that includes behavioral observation technique and create care plans aimed at the development of the child, based on the individual infant developmental goals. By monitoring the child during performance of routine manipulations and observing behaviors of the child, a professional can assess the ability of the nervous system is immature tolerate the environment and care procedures. One of the key points of this program is to restrict auditory and visual stimuli to the child in the environment of neonatal department. To this end, in intensive care unit uses only individual lighting for examinations and manipulations, with baby eyes required to be covered. All children are placed in a “nest”, which is a covered dark incubator or cot, always in physiological body position similar to the intra-uterine conditions.


Intensive care unit with individual lighting.


Crib with thermo-nest for the care of premature twins.

During the internship Dr. Sarapuk performed research study of the characteristics of nursing premature babies born in France in 2015-2016 its long-term outcomes.

She also participated in regularly scheduled simulation training for providing primary neonatal intensive care.


During the simulation training.

Internship supervisor was Professor Charlotte Kasper, one of the leading specialists in neonatology in France. Her research is focused on congenital infectious diseases, including CMV infection, as well as nursing and feeding of preterm infants.

Dr. Sarapuk took part in the 6th International Conference on clinical neonatology, which took place  22-24 September 2016 in Turin (Italy). The conference was focused on topical issues of neonatology, including nursing of preterm infants, neonatal diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases, and pain prevention.



Participation in the 6th International Conference  on clinical neonatology (Turin, Italy).

Dr. Sarapuk  would like to acknowledge TSMU ERASMUS MUNDUS MEDEA Project Coordinators. N.Y. Lisnychuk and O.M.Oleschuk and general manager ERASMUS MUNDUS MEDEA at the University of Toulouse Elodie Balonas for their help in organizing the placement.