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Ternopil State Medical University students celebrated Independence Day of Poland

Quite a few young people from Poland pursue their medical education at Ternopil State Medical University. November 11 is an important date for the Poles, because it marks the day Poland has gained independence in 1928 after 123 years of occupation.

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This year on 11 November, students from Poland joined the celebrations of “Evenings Polonaise”, organized by the Moja Polska center in Bunkermuz. The guests of the event participated in competitions and quizzes which tested their knowledge of Polish language, culture and history. An activity that had united everyone became polonaise, a Polish folk dance. First, instructors form the World Dance Club taught everyone basic steps and elements of the dance. After this master class everyone could join a polonaise set to music by Chopin.

It was an unforgettable evening. The students of Ternopil State Medical University and all participants sincerely thank the organization Moja Polska, dance club World Dance and Bunkermuz Gallery for the wonderful experience. Polish students not only had a chance to celebrate this important day, but also to feel interest in their culture from Ukrainian friends.

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“Such events became our good tradition. Their main goal is to better acquaint Ternopil with the language and culture of Poland, that our neighbor is seen not only through within the framework “border – work – shopping”, but a great and very interesting nation that in some ways has much in common with us, but others is different” – said event organizer Natalia Lobas.

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Moja Polska center teaches children and adults Polish language. One of its basic principles is having fun: learn by playing, play while learning. This approach has defined the concept of the evening. Participants were invited to take an unusual class in reading in Polish, participate in competitions and a quiz “What do you know about Poland.”

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We hope that all those present at the event felt involved in Polish culture and traditions. As a saying goes, a close neighbor becomes family.