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TSMU scholar trained in the UK as a part of academic mobility program Erasmus Mundus MEDEA

Assistant professor of the Department of Internal Medicine Oksana Ruzhytska participated in Erasmus Mundus MEDEA (staff exchange) program from 16 October to 18 November 2016. She took an internship at the Cardiff Metropolitan University (United Kingdom ).

Funding for the internship was provided by EACEA (the European Executive Agency for Education, Audiovisual and Culture) through the project Erasmus Mundus MEDEA.


Cardiff Metropolitan University campus.

 Сardiff Metropolitan University, whose roots date back to 1865, is located in Cardiff, the capital of Wales. The university comprises of five academic schools: Art and Design, Education, Medical Sciences, Management, and Athletics. The University offers more than 100 courses leading to the Bachelor’s degree to about 11 000 students from over 140 countries. More than 96% of graduates find employment in their specialty within 6 months.

The internship took place at the Department of Biomedical Sciences, led by Dr. Richard Web. It employs 37 members of the faculty, post-doctoral fellows, doctoral students, technical and administrative staff.


Assistant professor Oksana Ruzhytska and Dr. Richard Web.

The department offers classes in  biomedical sciences, health sciences, sports medicine and nutrition, as well as a preparatory course for undergraduate biomedical sciences. Nearly 600 students are enrolled at the department.

Departmental research are is focused on the study of cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying disease development and on developing strategies for  treatment and / or prevention of diseases.

The main topics of research in the department are:

  • cellular aging and vascular biology;
  • diabetes and metabolic health;
  • microbiology and infection;
  • vascular physiology.

An important task of the department is training of PhD students and Post Doctoral fellows. Particular attention is paid to giving the young scientists necessary skills for deep understanding of the molecular basis of normal physiology, pathology mechanisms, and the latest research on treatment techniques.

Internship at the Cardiff Metropolitan University gave Oksana Ruzhytska an opportunity to study organization of the educational system in the UK, to explore new teaching methods and modern methods of research, to acquire new knowledge of cell biology, microbiology and nutrition, to establish contacts with scientists of the University, to learn about culture and traditions of Great Britain, and to improve her English language skills.


This experience will be used to prepare the lectures and workshops on Internal Medicine, as well as in clinical practice at the Nephrology unit of the TSMU hospital

The training will also result in expansion of international contacts and joint projects with researchers from Cardiff Metropolitan University.