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TSMU student attended Ambassador of the Republic of Poland reception

Ambassador of the Republic of Poland to Ukraine Jan Peklo last week held a reception at the embassy for representatives of international non-governmental organizations, media and experts on the occasion of his appointment. Student of TSMU Faculty of Medicine Bohdana Pereviznyk was among those invited to the event. Ambassador of Poland to Ukraine Jan Peklo presented his credentials to the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and assumed his duties October 26, 2016.




“Civil society has been playing a crucial role in the progress of Ukraine towards integration with the EU and transatlantic structures. This is thanks to the incredible determination of Ukrainians who pay a high price for their choice. First, they were casualties on the Maidan, and now – on the front lines in the east of Ukraine. I am certain that it will be citizens themselves helping the country to stay the course for Europe, because they know the price of this choice. Poland took this road. Fates of our peoples are very similar. We are neighbors sharing common history and culture. We can not afford for anyone to pitch us against each other “- said Jan Peklo in  his speech.

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Ternopil State Medical University student Bohdana Pereviznyk knows the ambassador from 2014 when he served as the executive director of the Foundation for Polish-Ukrainian cooperation PAUCI. Jan Peklo served as an international observer during  parliamentary elections in October 2014. This is when Bohdana had an opportunity to meet him.


“The atmosphere at the reception was very pleasant. People communicated with colleagues and representatives of the embassy. I also had a chance to speak with Mr. Ambassador, and invite him to attend the celebrations on the occasion of TSMU’s 60th anniveresary “- said Bohdana Pereviznyk.