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Meeting of Ternopil branch of European Medical Students Association took place at TSMU

Ternopil State Medical University students, members of Ternopil branch of the European Medical Students Association on 2 December held a thematic meeting. Starting off the evening, student Diana Maranska and intern Mudassar Amin gave talks on diabetes, its symptoms, course, and possible health effects

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Afterwards, TSMU student and member of the youth branch of Ukrainian Resuscitation Council Denys Kosharskyi gave a master class in cardiopulmonary resuscitation. All present had an opportunity to perfect their first aid skills. Intern Oleksii Protsailo translated the proceedings. This part of the meeting received a lot of interest and enthusiasm.

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The meeting ended with a trivia quiz on medical topics and presentation of tourism destinations in Ukraine. Students shared their impressions from travels in our country.



Longtime former head of EMSA in Ternopil State Medical University Donald Oriaifo recently handed over his responsibilities to Parth Singh.


“This already was the fourth meeting of the association in this semester, so each month we hold two meetings. We also participate in international conferences and symposia. We work hard to positively represent our university. Next semester we plan to have even more events, “- said Parth Singh.

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