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TSMU international students shared the warmth of their hearts with orphaned children

Ternopil State Medical University international students don’t miss opportunities for doing good deeds. On 6 December members of Ternopil branch of European Medical Students Association together with their mentors, Associate Professors of the Pediatrics Department Natalia Haliiash and Svitlana Nikytiuk visited Ternopil regional Children’s Home Maliatko with a charity program “Teddy Bear”.

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The event aimed to instill in children a positive attitude towards doctors. International students achieved the goal using games and by teaching kids simple medical procedures, such as heart and lung auscultation.


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Everyone enjoyed has this event, students, kids, and their caregivers alike. All received lots of positive emotions. The future doctors gifted children with toys, and in turn, kids generously shared with the volunteers their positive attitude.


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Student mentors noted that while they helped to put the event together, the original idea came from the students themselves.