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TSMU expands research collaborations with Polish colleagues

From December 5 to 9, Ternopil State Medical University delegation visited University of Warsaw at the invitation of the administration of this. The delegation included TSMU rector, Professor Mykhaylo Korda and Vice-rector for Research Professor Ivan Klisch. They met with vice-rector of the Polish university, Professor Macei Duszczyk to discuss possibilities of future cooperation between the two universities. In particular, the sides reach a decision to sign an agreement allowing TSMU scholars to train and work at the Warsaw University research laboratories, work on joint research projects, and giving Polish students an opportunity to participate in International Summer Camp, held each year at our university.




One of important areas of cooperation is joint research projects between Ternopil Medical University and the Center for biological and chemical sciences of Warsaw University. These projects were discussed during a meeting with director of the Center Konrad Zawadzki and head of its finance department Zbignev Rogulsky. They told Drs. Korda and Klisch about research opportunities at the Center and ongoing projects. The center focuses on radiochemistry in medicine and industry, research of biological and molecular markers, plant biology and environmental protection, ecology and biogeochemistry of ecosystems. TSMU delegation learned about the work of respective research laboratories and opportunities for cooperation. Polish colleagues emphasized that they are keen to collaborate and search for research projects that would be interesting for both sides.




Another meeting during the visit was with director and heads of departments of the Military Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology. Researchers of this institution are implementing a number of projects that are of interest to their TSMU colleagues and can be a basis for further cooperation. These include issues of bioterrorism and biosecurity, regenerative medicine, pharmacology and toxicology, and military nutrition. Administration of the Institute and TSMU delegation have agreed to work on preparing a bilateral cooperation agreement and developing a joint research project to submit for funding from the Cross-Border Cooperation Programme.