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TSMU international students took part in St. Andrew’s Day festivities

Winter time in Ukrainian culture is full of exciting folk festivals and traditions. One of the most interesting saint’s feasts is dedicated to St. Andrew, the patron saint of Ukraine. Traditionally, on St. Andrew’s Eve the youth got together to celebrate in a number of ways. Boys played pranks, while girls performed magic rituals to divine names of their future husbands.

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This year, a traditional St. Andrew’s Eve celebration, organized by the civic organization Union of Ukrainian Youth, was attended by TSMU international students. On 12 December young people from Ghana, Nigeria, India, Morocco and Egypt  gathered in the Shynok restaurant to discover the richness of Ukrainian culture.

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Together with Ukrainian students they bit Kalyta (traditional pastry), tried to foretell their future, and played traditional folk games.

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Ternopil State Medical University administration thanks the Union of Ukrainian Youth and art director of Bunkermuz Marichka Iurchak for the warm and friendly atmosphere and an incredible evening.