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Ternopil State Medical University students became St. Nicholas’s helpers

For several years now Ternopil State Medical University students have been helping families in need on St. Nicholas’ day. As is a tradition, the Center of social services and protection of children compiles a list of such families, who then receive visits from the future doctors bringing gifts. Participating in this year’s action were 2nd year students coordinated by Iulia Bandrivska, 4th year students led by Mariana Pozun, students of the Faculty of Dentistry under the leadership of Iaryna Tylchak, and Pharmaceutical Faculty with their coordinator Olena Leskiv. Also involved in this action were  staff of the department of Internal Medicine, f Pharmacology, Disaster and Military Medicine, Pathological Anatomy, and Department of Pharmacy.


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For many young people it was not the first time helping families in need. However, those who have participated in charity work for the first time experienced many new emotions, in many instances leading to the aspiration to take up on more work. Seeing circumstances of these families firsthand the made them to re-evaluate their attitude towards themselves and people around them, compelled to pay more attention and share some of their hearts with people in need.

“If there is a choice between sitting home all weekend or doing something good, of course we would chose the second option, especially since it’s so close to the day of St. Nicholas. At this time of year, everyone is trying to be nice to get presents, looks for small winter miracles, sincerely believes and hopes. Unfortunately, not all families can afford to buy gifts for their children. Does it mean that kids will be left without a toy or tangerines and candy during this holiday? Fortunately, no, because we were able to share some light with homes were children were waiting for goodies. It warmed our hearts too when we heard joyous laughter of children, watched the gifts being opened and received thanks. We are really pleased that were able to bring to thiese homes a small piece of the Christmas tale “- shared her thoughts Iaryna Tylchak.


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Iulia Bandrivska added that it’s her second consecutive year participating in this action together with Taia Bilonozhko. “I was impressed  by how many students responded to our request for help. Almost every student of our year helped in some way. What I liked the most is how the families welcomed us. They invited us to their homes with open hearts and sincere smiles, told us about their lives. Such moments teach you to look at the world differently, realize that one needs to appreciate all that God has given them. I can only learn from the courage and patience in these women. They carry so much on their shoulders “, – said Iulia.

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Mariana Pozun also noted that this event has left everyone with a lot of positive impressions. She said that sincere emotions of the children have added to holyday joy and good mood. In her view, it is important to see happiness in the eyes of others.