Meeting of European Medical Students’ Association

On the eve of World Cancer Day, observed on February 4th , international students of Ternopil State Medical University and members of European Medical Students’ Association organized a scientific meeting of their group.

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On World Cancer Day doctors and general public are working hard to raise awareness about cancer as one of the most intractable diseases of modern civilization, draw attention to its prevention, detection and treatment and to the challenges facing the world in its fight against cancer. Experts emphasize that 43% of cancers could be prevented by maintaining healthy lifestyle, such as restricting access to tobacco and fighting against smoking; keeping up physical activity and balanced, healthy diet; vaccinating against the viruses that cause liver and cervical cancers; and avoiding prolonged sun exposure and tanning salons.


During the meeting of European Medical Students’ Association the future doctors gave talks and presentations on the importance of cancer prevention. They emphasized epidemiology of the disease, causes of cancer, its treatment and prevention.

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On this day EMSA also admitted new members. 25 students TSMU expressed desire to join the ranks of the organization. Today Ternopil branch has over 50 future physicians, who represent our university at European level.



Donald Odion, TSMU student and coordinator of European Medical Students’ Association in Ukraine addressed both newcomers and members with motivational speech stressing that the organization will support anyone who even as a student strives to achieve more, wants to take on a research project or participate in a student conference.


Head of Ternopil EMSA  branch Parth Sabya Sachi asked the audience to decide on topics of papers and presentation for the International congress of young scientists and students, taking place each year  in Ternopil State Medical University.