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Ternopil State Medical University students had practical clinical training in Poland

Fifth year students of the Faculty of Dentistry Anna Chykyta, Katheryna Mashkova, Valentyne Kuzminska and fourth year students Svitlana Perytiatko, Pavlo Ostrovskyi and Yurii Shanaida recently returned from a clinical training in Poland, where they spent two weeks improving their medical skills in Wrocław clinics.

Just as with previous such trainings, this one was  organized and coordinated by professor emeritus of Ternopil State Medical University Wojciech Barg, who ensured that the students could intern in specialized departments of Wrocław hospitals.

“It’s hard to believe that one can learn much useful information in such a short period of time. We had practical classes on disciplines such as maxillofacial surgery where we were impressed by the latest techniques in plastic surgery;


on orthodontics, paradontology (as a separate branch of dentistry); children’s dentistry, where we learned both modern treatment techniques and psychological approaches earn kids’ trust using games, pictures and videos. For me, the most valuable was training with the department of surgical dentistry. The approachable professors and a large number of complex teeth extraction surgeries gave me and Maryna Martseniuk an excellent opportunity for extracurricular work.


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We assisted doctors, extracted teeth by and received valuable experience. We also were fortunate to learn practical skills of treating leukoplakia using unique method of photodynamic therapy “- said the fifth year student Anna Chykyta.

For Yurii Shanaida the winter training at the Wroclaw Medical University was, above all, an incredible opportunity to learn about the latest technologies and use hands on practice to master skills. Students worked with advanced equipment, and also got to experience unusual for them system of study.


“I am very pleased that the teachers allowed us to perform certain manipulations or assist them while providing patient care. Following the custom curriculum, we were able to visit and learn about basics of various departments of the university. In addition, we got to visit some Wrocław attractions in free time.


I believe that the winter training at Wrocław Medical University was an important step in the professional development of each of its participants.