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Students of TSMU Preparation Department celebrated International Mother Language Day

Some events, such as International Mother Language Day, observed annually on 21 February, can unite people across the world. To observe this occasion, instructor of the preparation department for international students Larysa Nalizhyta held an open ethnography class.

At the start of the lesson classes the students greeted each other in their native languages – English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Berber (national language of Morocco), Ibibio, Edo (national African languages) and of course Ukrainian. Then they listened about a brief history of the International Mother Language Day,  and interesting facts about the Ukrainian language. Listening to a folk song “Silence over the River”, students could appreciate the beauty and richness of Ukrainian. Then students answered questions of the quiz “Best expert in Ukrainian ” and took part in linguistic games.


Students of the preparation department who after the first semester demonstrated the best knowledge of Ukrainian as a foreign language –  Pamela Bustos (Ecuador), Dencor David (Ghana) and Eneyo Aya Afon (Nigeria) were recognized during the lesson.

The language of each nationality is unique. This was demonstrated by students speaking in their native languages. Many of them came to school come to school in their national costumes, and with national symbols.



Language – is the heart of a people, so this lesson has proven to be very emotional as students opened their hearts, and finally, wished each other farewell in different languages: “Goodbye! All the best! and I love you!”