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Ternopil State Medical University students organized a number of activities for the World Day of Immunity

First day of March is recognized as the World Day of Immunity. The reason this particular date was chosen is because early spring is known for exacerbating problems associated with weakened immune system.

For this occasion, students of Ternopil State Medical University organized a series of events. In particular, a volunteer group led by student Mariana Pozun visited two local schools with lectures of the topic of immunity.



“We decided to come to Ternopil schools 6 and 15 to share with pupils the secrets of good immunity. Medical students talked about the immune system, gave simple descriptions of all links involved in the protection of our body, and of course, described the factors that can “breach” the defense. They also mentioned how to help one’s immune system by taking recommended vitamins”- said Ms. Pozun.

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Coordinator of the event was Liubomir Danyliuk and the following students gave lectures: Katheryna Bihuniak, Ksenia Kushernyk, Roman Yaroslavitskyi, Tetiana Karpiak, Yana Tryhub, Marta Berehuliak, Tereza Shvets, Iryna Lehka, Katheryna Yankovenko, Iryna Pastushyna, Yulia Bandrivska, Valentina Pituhova, and  Nataliia Petrova.


School teachers welcomed medical students and liked this event, inviting the students to come again and give lectures on Tuberculosis Day, March 24.



First-year students of the Faculty of Dentistry, together with their adviser, instructor of foreign languages Maria Kichula, first studied the features, functions and ways to strengthen the immune system and then gave a lesson to primary and middle school pupils of Ternopil school 18.

Dentistry students prepared a presentation on components of immunity. In addition to mnemonic games designed for memorizing body hygiene steps , the students led a five-minute physical exercise routine for middle schoolers.




To improve immunity, medical students recommend:

– Keep healthy lifestyle, get good nutrition, and enough sleep;

– Manage chronic diseases;

– Quit bad habits;

– Take multivitamins;

– Take supplements known for improving immune response (echinacea, plantain, honey, etc.).


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