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US professor of environmental health gave lectures to TSMU students

Director of Research and Development of Chemistry & Industrial Hygiene, Inc., certified industrial hygienist, member of the Society of Toxicology (SOT), chairman of the Environmental Working Group on children’s health Dr. Andrii Korchevskyi (USA) visited Ternopil State Medical University to give a series of lectures on current issues concerning the effect of environment on human health.


On 22-23 March 2017 instructors and students Ternopil State Medical University had the opportunity to listen to lectures on environmental and occupational risks from the renowned scientist.

” We have been teaching this course in recent years to specialists in various industries. On April 24 we will present it in the UK at a major international conference. On November 7 it will be presented in Seattle. During the two days of lectures, we will discuss what risks are, how to conduct a risk assessment, and how to approach them from practical standpoint. You will hear a lot of practical examples. You will be able see how this unified risk assessment is carried out in each case”- introduced the course Dr. Korchevskyi.

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Together with students he reviewed the latest scientific advances in the field of asbestos toxicology, spoke about the negative health effects caused by asbestos, pulmonary diseases associated with agricultural factors and effects of exposure to lead.

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The scientist mentioned that at our university he found like-minded people and pointed out that it was a pleasure to work with a warm and competent audience.  Andrii Korchevskyi thanked Ternopil State Medical University administration for the opportunity to share his knowledge.