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Ternopil State Medical University scientist gave lectures to students of Wroclaw Medical University

Head of Ternopil State Medical University Department of Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacology Professor Oleksandra Oleschuk on 11-18 March 2017 visited Department of Clinical Pharmacology in Wroclaw Medical University, Poland within the framework of academic exchange program ERASMUS +.


Department of Clinical Pharmacology of Wroclaw Medical University is located in a modern pharmaceutical building near the University Hospital.


ERASMUS + Visiting Teachers Program involved giving 8 hours of lectures in English on clinical pharmacology, topical problems of modern pharmacotherapy, drug interaction, and drug safety.


Dr. Oleschuk gave lectures on “Pharmacotherapy of pain”, “Features of drugs affecting the central nervous system”, “Antiarrhythmic drugs, their performance and application”, “Antihypertensive drugs, interactions, and adverse reactions” and “The system of pharmacovigilance in Ukraine” to the 6th year pharmacology students, a lecture on “Pharmacotherapy of pain” to 4th year students, and on “Drugs and food interaction” to students from the Dietology course.


The scholar had positive impressions of her visit,  and especially liked the University Library, which has environment that encourages learning and can accommodate  a large number of students preparing for classes.


Wroclaw Medical University instructors employ advanced learning techniques in study of clinical pharmacology, for instance the principle of problem-based learning, work in small groups, and analysis of topics based on clinical situations.


The Department of Clinical Pharmacology operates several research laboratories. Dr. Oleschuk had the opportunity to review operations of PCR laboratory, which conducts research on pharmacogenetics features of drugs, and pharmacokinetics laboratory which, uses biochemical analyzer to determine concentration of drugs.



The University Hospital operates a hospital pharmacy. The area pharmacy premises is over 700 m2. Dr. Oleschuk studied the work of a unique computerized system for preparing immunosuppressant  and monoclonal antibodies infusions and of robotic tablet packaging machines.


Dr. Oleschuk also studied the work of the departmental Center for clinical studies. Starting next year, the Department of Clinical Pharmacology is set to open a special unit for conducting phase 1 clinical trials in healthy volunteers.


Meetings and discussions that Dr. Oleschuk had with the faculty and staff of the department of Clinical Pharmacology and other departments and divisions of the University Hospital will facilitate cooperation between scientists of our universities, leading to joint projects and publications.