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TSMU Dentistry Clinic opened its doors

University Hospital Dental Clinic located on 7 Chekhova opened its doors on April 5. This clinic will serve the residents of our city and region, providing services such as free dental diagnosis and patients consults by TSMU professors and other specialists in therapeutic, pediatric, orthopedic and surgical dentistry. Other services will include exams and cleaning of the oral cavity in adults and children, preventive oral treatments, regular and panoramic X-rays of the maxillo-facial area, treatment of tooth decay and its complications, periodontal diseases, diseases of the oral mucosa, and surgical teeth removal. In addition, the clinic specialists will implant prosthetic teeth and dentures.

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Addressing those attending the opening ceremony, TSMU Rector Dr. Korda said that “recently, Ukraine Prime Minister Volodymyr Groisman signed a ministerial order, which made it possible to open this clinic, however, we started preparing for this day well in advance, when we received a license for dental practice. Now professors of the Faculty of Dentistry can legally provide dental services within the department. Here we have invested a lot of money and effort, including purchasing 26 new dental chairs, as well as other dental equipment and instruments. We commit ourselves to provide free basic dental care therapeutic, both labor and materials to all residents of our region. We already have agreements with orphanages, the retirement home, and kindergartens ensuring that these patients will have access to dental care. ”


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Dr. Korda thanked the clinical division of Ternopil State Medical University, in particular its head, vice-rector for scientific, academic and clinical work, professor Stepan Zaporozhan, university instructors, construction workers and everyone else who had added their efforts resulting in opening of the clinic.


In his speech, head of Health Ternopil Regional State Administration Volodymyr Bohaychuk stressed that the opening of this facility brings together the strongest sides of both academic and practical worlds. He said this noble project initialized by TSMU makes it possible to bring quality health care to residents of the entire Ternopil region.

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Deputy Mayor of Ternopil Leonid Bytsiura expressed his gratitude to the administration of TSMU for its continuous work in training highly qualified medical personnel and development of the healthcare industry. He wished all employees of the new facility God speed and students to work hard to achieve high level of professional development.

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Head of the University Hospital Dentistry Clinic Vitalii Scherba stressed that Ternopil State Medical University has incomparable human potential, like no other dental clinic. Thus, THSM professors can now effectively combine clinical and academic processes. Students have the opportunity to observe the performance of dental manipulations through video streaming. The clinic is ready to assist all residents of the city and region who require its services. It provides a full range of dental services. When students are watching treatment being performed in real time, they develop clinical thinking. Third year students, if they have had previous nursing experience, have an opportunity to assist the dentist. Graduate students are allowed to perform certain dental procedures, but under the supervision of a doctor. ”


The dental clinic is open Monday – Friday, 9.00-17.00.

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