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TSMU professor visited United States as a part of Open World Program

On March 29 – April 9, 2017 assistant professor of emergency medical care Oksana Sydorenko visited several cities and institutions in the United States as a part of Open World program. According to the American Councils for Education website, the program was established in 1999 and is funded through appropriations provided by the US Congress. The Open World program is aimed at young community leaders, representatives of the government, academic community, non-profit organizations and other institutions involved in social issues and are interested in developing democracy, market economy and the rule of law.

This year’s  Open World fellows from Ukraine visited Washington, DC on 29-31 March 2017. In the Library of Congress with Lewis Madanick, director of the Open World Center for Leadership, officially opened the program. The fellows had lectures on the role of education in the twenty-first century from the President of American Councils for International Education Dan E. Davidson, and Georgetown University professors John Brown and Sam Potolicchio.

IMG_4721-300x200 (1)

With Professor John Brown

IMG_4684-300x200 (1)

With Professor Sam Potolicchio


IIMG_4702-300x200 (1)

In the courtroom of Congress.

IMG_4669-300x200 (1)

The White House.

17690308_1285608851486305_1130439303_n-225x300 (1)

The Library of Congress.

IMG_4810-300x200 (1)

Washington cherry blossoms.

From April 1 to 9 the fellows visited Modesto, CA, where they studied work of educational institutions and organizations of the city. They toured schools, colleges, universities, the department of education and city council.

All fellows were impressed by the education system in California, both the facilities and equipment of educational institutions and the attitude of all parties involved in the educational process, especially their sense of responsibility and respect. Other noteworthy aspects of the academic life were the modern university R & D and natural sciences laboratories, simulation training classes for nurses, IT capabilities, military academies and schools for children with disabilities. Of course the most remarkable were the American people: genuine, free-spirited and open.

Oksana Sydorenko wishes to thank TSMU administration, American Councils for International Education, Oksana Semenyshyn, Taras Tymochko, Yulia Solodko and Yana Chapailo and organizers of the program in Modesto, California – Adrian Harrell, John Mensinger, Bill Zoslocki, Tony Madrigal , Mary Barberis and Bob Quintella for their assistance.


          IMG_5197-300x200 (1)

Modesto High School.

IMG_5189-300x200 (1)

Classroom in Modesto High School.

IMG_20170403_100406-225x300 (1)

Each school is equipped with an automatic external defibrillator.


Cooking class in Modesto High School.


At California State University Stanislaus with Jennifer Helzer, PhD, and Adrian Harrell


California State University Stanislaus Nursing School.


Debbie Tavernier, dean of California State University Stanislaus Nursing School.


Meeting of the Academic Council at California State University Stanislaus.


Modesto Junior College, California.


Examination room at Modesto Junior College.

IMG_20170405_115337-300x222 IMG_20170405_115955-300x222

Modesto Junior College, School of Nursing.


Simulation training center in Modesto Junior College, School of Nursing.


Military academy for “troubled” teenagers in Modesto.


School for children with disabilities, Modesto.


San Francisco