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TSMU Interns organized a cycle of lectures on medical topics for Ternopil secondary school students

For the last two weeks of April, Pediatrics interns of TSMU institute of postgraduate education led by professor Olha Dutchak met with pupils of Ternopil secondary school №9 to give talks on the topics Sexual Development, Basic Resuscitation, and Healthy Eating.

During the conversation on Sexual development medical interns discussed with the pupils body changes during puberty, menstrual cycle, and why teenagers might experience mood swings. They paid special attention to the topics of HIV and AIDS and of reproductive health. They also gave adolescents advice on how to maintain their mental and physical health. Interns gave information about a youth-friendly clinic and encouraged the pupils to seek help it they need it.


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Together with lecturer Olha Dutchak the interns gave a  lecture and workshop on fundamentals of resuscitation.


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Intern Tatiana Petreman spoke with grade 7 pupils on the topic of healthy food. She told taught them about daily water requirements, how to choose healthy snacks and breakfast food. The pupils raised a number of interesting questions, which made everyone involved in the lectures appreciate that what they were doing is important and helps the kids and their parents. Each pupil received a brochure on healthy eating habits.