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Wroclaw Medical University professor gave a series of lectures to faculty and students of Ternopil State Medical University

On 16-27 May 2017, Wojciech Barg, professor of Wroclaw Medical University visited Ternopil State Medical University on academic exchange program ERASMUS+. This has been one of the many events and visits between staff and students of our two schools taken place within the last few years. Professor Wojciech Barg coordinates the cooperation program in Wroclaw Medical University.


During his visit, Dr. Barg met with TSMU rector, Dr. Korda. They discussed further directions for collaboration between Ternopil State Medical University and Wroclaw Medical University, organization of Pulmonology international schools, and possibilities for student academic mobility (semester- and year-long academic visits, Erasmus program, and summer internships).


Professor Wojciech Barg also participated in the  XIV Ukrainian scientific conference Contemporary approaches to higher medical education in Ukraine. He had meetings and discussions with university researchers and doctors, spoke with students nominated for the Erasmus program and summer internship.


Dr. Barg gave a number of lectures customized for doctors, interns and students of various specialties. The lecture Principles of Mechanical Ventilation was aimed at anesthesiologists, Principles of Anaphylaxis – at allergologists, while students of general medicine listened to the lectures Respiratory Insufficiency and Circulatory Insufficiency.