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Ternopil Dental Summit brought together leading Ukrainian dentists

An international conference Ternopil Dental Summit took place in the academic and recreation complex Chervona Kalyna. More than two hundred researchers and practicing dentists , students and interns from different regions of Ukraine, and other countries took part in the meeting .


Vice-rector for educational and clinical work, professor Stepan Zaporozhan opened the conference with a welcome on behalf of TSMU rector Dr. Korda.


“As you know, our university recently celebrated its 60th anniversary. The Faculty of Dentistry marked its 10th anniversary last year. This relatively new division of the University has been rapidly developing. For the last two and a half years, its staff has accomplished a lot:  a training center with new modern dental equipment was opened, allowing the students to work on their practical skills, as well as a new clinical and biochemical laboratory. A dental unit of the university clinic has also been created. This conference is another step towards further further development of dentistry as both science and practical discipline in our University “, – said Stepan Zaporozhan.


One the members of organizing committee, associate professor of TDMU Petro Hasyuk shared his experience, and outlined theoretical and practical developments in the field of dentistry with young colleagues, interns and students.

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“The goal of the summit is to bring here the best lecturers, those who have significant research achievements and are successful in developing dental practice. We are pleased to see our colleagues from Kherson, Mykolaiiv, Kyiv, Poltava, Kharkiv, Ivano-Frankivsk, and Uzhhorod. “


Petro Hasyuk emphasized the importance of integrating scientific advancements into every-day dental practice. To that end,T DMU professors together with their colleagues from Uzhgorod and Poltava co-wrote several textbooks and manuals in Ukrainian and English. “We will continue introducing the latest science in clinical dental practice; develop methodological guidelines for practicing doctors. Because, as they say, the theory without practice is dead, practice without theory is blind, – “said the speaker.

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All conference presentations and lectures were interesting and relevant. Additionally, heads of departments of orthopedic dentistry from several universities had a break-away meeting discussing topical issues of educational process. Participants had an opportunity to take part in workshops on implantology, teeth restoration, and endodontics, improving their practical skills and knowledge of advanced techniques and modern technologies in dentistry.

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