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TSMU Students brought fun activities to children’s summer camp

International students of Ternopil State Medical University visited the Rainbow children’s summer camp. The camp invites children whose parents serve in the ATO area and it has been organized for the second year in a row, by the Ternopil Center for Psychological Rehabilitation “Step Toward”.


In the camp, children can take part in various master classes, go on trips, and meet interesting people. Its strong point is that participating with the children in fun activities are professional psychologists, who are always helping the youngsters to get new experiences, solve disputes and make friends.

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TSMU Students from Egypt  Hesham Gamal Dabish (dentistry, group 13), Mohamad Abdullah (dentistry, group 14), Hakimi Mohamad (medicine, group 37), Mohamad Salah (medicine, group 50), Hakai Mohamad (medicine, group 37), and Ahmed Nabil (medicine, group 38) made time in their busy schedule during exams week to visit the children and share the warms of their hearts. They talked with the children, telling them about their country and about their path of coming to Ternopil to get higher education. But of course, highlight of the visit were the fun games that brought a flurry of positive emotions.

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