TSMU graduates received their diplomas

Academic Council of Ternopil State Medical University held diploma award ceremony for class 2017 graduates. It was TSMU’s 57th graduation ceremony of Doctors of Medicine, 12th graduation of Pharmacists, 8th graduation of Doctors of Dentistry, 2nd graduation of specialists in Human Health. Joining them, were the graduating sudents of the institute of nursing.  The ceremony took place on June 26, 2017 in the Performing Arts Center Berezil.


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TSMU rector, Professor Mykhaylo Korda addressed the audience with a welcome speech.


“Today you probably experience mixed feelings, the excitement to face the future and the sadness of farewell. Dear graduates, this exhilarating day is yet another milestone in your life where you start on your individual and independent paths. The road in front of you is wide. All of us, the faculty, believe that you will tread it confidently, attaining victories and reaching peaks of professional success. You are trained for the best profession in the world, the profession of caring for human health, be it a doctor, pharmacist, dentist or nurse. Health is something that cannot be measured by a conventional yardstick. Good health is a blessing and source of happiness for everyone. That is why your profession has always been and will be one of the most respected and needed in any corner of the world. I am sure that you will become excellent professionals, because you have received the fundamentals of your profession at our university.



Remember that it is your knowledge and skills that will give people the priceless gift, their health. Your tireless work will give people their lives back.


You can easily confirm a degree from our university in any country of the world, but I would like to ask you two important things. First, do your best to serve your own country. You are needed right here. Second, do not betray medicine; be faithful to your profession. I believe that you will play an important role in advancing the health care system to a higher level. It is up to you to implement those high standards of medical care in Ukraine.


I would like to ask you to come back to your teachers with the words of gratitude, because for six years they have invested in you part of their lives, their hearts and souls. The best reward for them will be your professional achievements” – said Dr. Korda.

He also wished prosperity and God’s blessing to all students. Dr. Korda used the occasion to congratulate graduates of the Faculties of Medicine and Pharmacy, who took the second place in Ukraine based on the results of qualifying professional examination Krok 2.


Vice rector for research and academic work, Professor Arkadii Shulhai introduced Deputy Head of Health Ternopil Regional State Administration Lydia Tchaikovska.

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Graduates of the Faculties of Medicine, Pharmacy, and Dentistry, and well as International Students’ Faculty, received diplomas from their Faculty deans. Several graduates received diplomas with distinction personally from Dr. Korda.

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After receiving diplomas, the graduates joined in reciting the Medical Doctor’s oath.

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The deans addressed their graduates, wishing them success, health and blessings. In particular, Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Professor Dmytro Korobko said: “”There is an analytical method called chromatography. Five or six years ago you had set on the starting line your and your parents’ dreams and hopes. In due time, students that were lazy and unwilling to learn fell back. The attestation and Krok exams revealed the bright spots, giving you the opportunity to be here today. Take only the best of what you have already achieved put it into the vessel of practical work. Continue filling it with new experiences and skills. And may it be a bottomless vessel. May God bless you are in every way possible “, – said Dmytro Korobko.


Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry, Professor Svitlana Boitsaniuk shared her well wishes: “Ahead of you is a difficult path of professional growth and development but the knowledge and practical skills you have gained at our university you will certainly use in your professional activities. Do not forget that only hard work will make you professionals in your field. I wish you all happiness and significant achievements”.


Anna Chikita and Kevin Ontuateaca Obinna gave valedictions, expressing gratitude to TSMU’s faculty and staff on behalf of the graduates.

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Performances of the national anthem of Ukraine and the anthem of Ternopil State Medical University by the TSMU choir highlighted the occasion.


Once again, we sincerely congratulate our graduates on the successful completion of their studies! TSMU staff wishes them further success, inspiration, professional growth, personal happiness, and the energy to create and reach new heights to build the future of our country.

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