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Traineeship of TSMU instructor at the Hematology Clinic of Wrocław Medical University

Cooperation between Ternopil State Medical University and Wrocław Medical University allows our university professors to train at the hospitals of the partner university. The most recent  training was a ten-day visit to the Clinic of Bone Marrow Transplantation, Pediatric Oncology and Hematology Przylądek Nadziei by TSMU instructor from the Department of Pediatrics  Natalia Luchyshyn.


Headed by professor Alicia Chybicka, this clinic, one of the units of Wrocław Medical University Hospital, performs more than half of all bone marrow transplants in children with blood cancer in Poland. Each year, Przylądek Nadziei treats over two thousand little patients.

During the training, Dr.Natalia Lucyshyn studied organization of medical care to children with hematological pathology and oncology diseases at the outpatient and inpatient settings.


Outpatient exam room


Dr.Natalia Lucyshyn and Dr. Anna Rodziewicz, hematology specialist


Outpatient department


Nursing post at the Department of Pediatric Hematology

She participated in clinical rounds by professors and doctors of the hematology and intensive care departments, carried out diagnostic and therapeutic manipulations (bone marrow and lumbar punctures), which allowed her to develop her skills of working with sick children and their parents.


Manipulation room in the intensive care unit


Hematology unit

During the training, TSMU professor became familiar with the work of bone marrow transplantation unit, transplantation procedures, the organization of post-transplant patient care, and diagnosis of the graft versus host disease.


Bone Marrow Transplantation unit


Dr. Natalia Luchyshyn and Dr. Małgorzata Salamonowicz of the bone marrow transplantation  unit

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Bone Marrow Transplantation unit



Dr hab. Marek Ussowicz works at the bone marrow bank

Thus, this experience will help Dr. Luchyshyn to advance her qualifications in the field of pediatric hematology and oncology.