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International students showcased their talents

Recently the assembly hall of Ternopil State Medical University became a stage for the culture and music event “A Man begins with kindness”. The revue was organized by teachers and students of Preparation Department of the International Student’s Faculty. This is an annual event, where overseas students from different countries, together with head of the department Larysa Nalizhyta, showcase their growing mastery of the Ukrainian language, as well as teamwork and good adjustment to the culture of a new country.


Dean of the Internationa Students’ Faculty, Professor Petro Selskyi greeted organizers and participants of this special event. He wished the students of the preparation department to become successful medical students while remaining active in social events.


This year’s concept of the event was somewhat different from the previous ones. Its main focus was on enduring human values that cut across boundaries and races, such kindness, compassion and humanity. This topic is undoubtedly relevant in today intercultural communication. In her introductory address, head of the department offered the participants to use this event as an opportunity not only present their talents and achievements, but also to look into their souls and reflect on the meaning of life.


The even started with the ceremony of bringing in a korovai, a traditional Ukrainian decorated bread, symbol of hospitality and goodness.


Students of the preparation department, while coming from different countries of the world, always approach the study of the Ukrainian language, culture, customs and traditions with interest and respect. Thus, the event had a comfortable and relaxed feeling, inspired by the sounds of classical and contemporary music, and students’ performances of Ukrainian songs and poems.


The young people impersonated a number of fictional characters, the wizard, the wise man, the wolf, and the squirrel. Using simple means and relaxed approach they demonstrated in allegorical form the importance of always being human, sensitive and friendly, because each person’s fate is in their own hands.

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In addition to the poetry and songs in Ukrainian, students also recited proverbs and sayings of their own countries about kindness, love and honesty.

The most active participants were Kevin Pulgarin, Eneyo Aya-Afon Efre, Mbroh Gilbert, Donkor David, Bifugha Success, Nhokwara Tanaka Cliff, Maduka Chibuike, Adeshina Victor Damilare.

The audience particularly warmly greeted performances of the 5th group students:  Adjei-Kodjei Vivian, Puoru Enoch Barka Malkom, Owusu Grace Obenewaa, Ogbonna Shalom Oluomachi, Ndukwe Chinwendu Peace, Hassani Mohamed, Buah Ernest, Nwanya Chidera Joel, Arthur Charlotte Love, Dadzie Rachael Maa Abena, and Ansah Pearl Esinam. Together with their teacher of the Ukrainian language they performed a song “Ne biisia zhyty (Do not Be Afraid to Live)” by Maria Burmaka.

Event organizers were Barragan Velez Marvin Aaron, Ukana Victory Omime, Cevallos Remache Nicolas Estefanno, Hassan Abdelwhab Genedi Shehata, Rankam Nyamekye Dennis, Appah Eunice Boateng, Ndemo Victor Bogonko, Kyerewaa Boateng Akua, Yakubui Zipporah Hadiza, Debrah Appah Peter Akwasi, Nanljigwa Helaria Ndikuhole, and Malaba Bridget.

The evening concluded with a group performance of Okean Elzy’s song “Vse bude dobre (All Will Be Fine)”, during which the students passed along a lit candle wishing each other love, wellness and harmony. Afterwards they treated each other to the tasty korovai.