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TSMU students and guests from other countries spent eventful and fun week in International Summer Camp

Every July academic and recreational complex Chervona Kalyna of Ternopil State Medical University hosts an international summer camp for medical students. This year for the twelfth time the place was filled with the warmth of human hearts, sincere smiles and hugs. The International Student Summer Camp is one of the brightest and most beloved TSMU projects, aiming, above all, to foster friendly relationships among people of different countries and nations. This year’s camp was particularly special, since it coincided with the 60th anniversary of the university.

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More than 40 guests from abroad came to the Chervona Kalyna, including students and lecturers from the MacEwan University (Canada), Mansur University (Egypt), Tbilisi State Medical University (Georgia), Lublin Medical University (Poland), Higher School of Security in Poznan (Poland), Pope John Paul II Graduate School in Biała Podlaska (Poland), Higher School of Health Sciences (Poland), Higher School of Strategic Planning (Poland), Samarkand State Medical Institute ( Uzbekistan), Slovak Medical University (Slovakia).

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Ceremonial opening of the camp took place on July 23, 2017. TSMU rector Professor Mykhaylo Korda in his address wished all participants to have wonderful time, and spend these days enjoying the outdoors but also learning something new.



“This project takes place each year in the second half of the summer, and getting a place in the camp is always competitive for students of our university. This means that you are among the best. I hope you this will be the best time of your year, you will learn something new and gain experience, make new lasting friendships. I am also certain time here will allow you to recharge and find motivation for extra excellence in your studies “, said Dr. Korda.


Addressing the guests from other countries, rector welcomed them in Ternopil region. He noted that the camp has become a good tradition of the university. “This is an exciting and creative project, allowing you to acquire new skills. For example, last year, lecturers of Murray State University in Kentucky, USA conducted a workshop on physical rehabilitation. This time, our guests from Canadian MacEwan University will give you a workshop on public health. In addition to these classes, a lot of interesting activities, unforgettable moments, and new discoveries are awaiting you all”, – added Dr. Korda.

The opening ceremony included a number of song and dance performances, such as the waltz set to a romantic song about blossoms of Ternopil chestnut trees, a symbol of our city.


Another dance performance was set to contemporary Ukrainian songs.



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The guests had the opportunity to study the rich heritage of Ukrainian culture at the ethnographic exhibition of embroidery, antiquities, and vintage household items. This unique collection was assembled by family of TSMU lecturer Orusia Smachylo. International students in particularly were impressed with intricate embroidery and kept asking about acquiring similar items.

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Continuing the theme of Ukrainian traditions the students presented a review of folk songs and dances in the assembly hall of Chervona Kalyna.

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TSMU students showcased various regions of Ukraine in various fields, talked about its largest and most colorful cities, traditions, the struggle for independence and outstanding scholars. A reenactment of a traditional Ukrainian wedding, filled with jokes and poignant moments alike, was a favorite of the audience.

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Summer camp’s rganizing committee of Natalia Lisnychuk, Yurii Soroka, Iryna Soroka, Iryna Andriychuk, Lilia Logoida, Ihor Berdei, and Maria Stravska, have worked tirelessly to set up the opening ceremony, and, later, to ensure that everyone had a great time while being safe and secure

Later this day, Oysia Smachylo and her family members gave the participants an opportunity to master the age-old Ukrainian art of Petrykiv painting. Ms. Smachylo and her daughter, Oriiana, spoke about characteristics of this art form, and showed everyone how to its distinct create patterns. Each student could then create their own masterpiece.

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Other days of the camp were filled with activities such as training programs, kayaking on the Dniester river, presentations, dance classes and many other events.

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A photo album of the XII International Student Summer camp can be found here