Ternopil State University Master’s graduates received their diplomas

In late July, 21 Master’s students of Ternopil State Medical University have successfully completed their studies. Sixteen medical doctors were awarded the degree of Master of Medicine, and five, Master of Dentistry. Every one of the graduates has also earned diplomas with honors.


On August 1, TSMU rector Professor Mykhaylo Korda has presented the Master’s graduates with eagerly-awaited diplomas, congratulating them on this important achievement and wishing new major successes and accomplishments in their professional careers.


“You have the entire world open to you.  Graduates of TSMU successfully work both in Ukraine and abroad, many of them became heads of clinics or large companies.

And you have every opportunity to succeed. If you are focused and pursue your goals with persistence and confidence, you will definitely achieve them. Congratulations on your graduation. I wish you all professional accomplishments, happiness and God’s blessings, as well as never stopping to strive for more and constantly improve. Hope you will reach new heights in your professional fields.”


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Dyplomy-magistram-17083535-300x200 Dyplomy-magistram-17083537-300x200

Dyplomy-magistram-17083541-300x200 Dyplomy-magistram-17083543-300x200

Dyplomy-magistram-17083544-300x200 Dyplomy-magistram-17083548-300x200

Dyplomy-magistram-17083552-300x200 Dyplomy-magistram-17083555-300x200


Master’s Degree Diplomas in Medicine and Dentistry received:

in Surgery: Dmytro Budnyk;

in General practice / Family medicine: Inna Salii, Olena Shaihen, Zoriana Sabat, Mariana Palykhata, Mariana Beniv, Olena Proniuk, Veronika Kulchinska;

in Internal Diseases: Maria Dzhula, Diana Zhegestovska, Roman Hnizdiukh, Viacheslav Vivchar, Nadia Kovbasa,  and Taras Krytskyi;

in Anaesthesiology and intensive care: Olexander Yakymchuk;

in Obstetrics and gynecology: Uliana Franchuk;

in Dentistry Roksana Drevnitska, Mykhailo Falinskyi, Oksana Lavrin, Vitalii Fesyk, Yuliana Boliuk.


Congratulations to all TSMU Master’s degree graduates!