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New generation of medical students begins their training at TSMU

The excitement was palpable in Ternopil State Medical University on August 31, 2017 when the new cohort of medical students became matriculated. The student family welcomed 965 first-year students, as well as 122 young people who had transferred from medical colleges.

Perhaps even more excited were international students. Over 80 first-year students have already been enrolled to TSMU. These young people come as far away as India, Pakistan, Poland, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Nigeria, and Egypt. For overseas applicants the enrollment deadline is extended until November 1, 2017.



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TSMU Academic Council commenced a special meeting to matriculate new students with the procession of professors, vice-rectors and rector of our university. Unlike in the previous years, this event took place in the renovated courtyard adjoining the University’s administrative building.



The event began with a joint prayer asking God’s blessings for the new doctors-in-training.

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“Today is a special day for all of you; you are just starting on your path to become a medical doctor. This is not just a profession, but a ministry to people. Every day in your professional activity you will face diseases and death. May the Compassionate Lord bless you for all the years of heard study and work, so that each of you remember that the foremost thing that helps one to be a good physician is the love of God and people. ” said the Archbishop of Ternopil and Kremenets Nestor.



The Assistant Bishop of Ternopil and Zboriv Theodore emphasized that doctors attend to life every day. He added that the subject of their study is man, the crown of creation of God. For a better understanding of the person, one has to ask its creator to reveal His fullness of knowledge.


Rector of Ternopil State Medical University, Professor Mykhaylo Korda congratulated the new cohort with taking an important step in their life: choosing the profession of a doctor, pharmacist, dentist, nurse or physical therapist.


“Today you are joining the student family of Ternopil State Medical University, one of the best medical schools in Ukraine. We say it’s one of the best based on objective criteria. The most important of those is the quality of education. Medical students in Ukraine take licensing exams KROK after their third and sixth year of studies, and then during medical internship. This is a difficult and important exam, and those who don’t pass it are expelled from school. So, this year, students of our Faculty of Medicine ranked second in Ukraine after taking KROK 2, while students of the Faculty of Pharmacy ranked first. Our students have won 10 prize places in National subject competitions. We hope you will uphold this tradition; you will be just as well-trained, and we and your parents will be proud of you. But in addition to studying here you will be immersed in exciting student life. You will have an opportunity to participate in academic mobility programs. I recommend you to decide soon on research direction and start working on science projects. You have entered the university at the time of globalization, with all of the borders open and great many roads in front of you. We believe that you will tread the chosen path confidently and earn many impressive achievements, “said Dr. Korda.


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Rector also mentioned that more than 1,500 international students already study at TSMU. Addressing them, he emphasized that in addition to theoretical and practical training they will receive comprehensive support and consideration from faculty and staff.


Among regin and city officials who had greeted the students was the head of the Ternopil Regional Council Viktor Ovcharuk. He noted that he himself is a proud TSMU alumnus. He suggested that TSMU is the best university in Ukraine, allowing students to get solid knowledge and practical skills.

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Ternopil mayor Serhii Nadal said: “You became part of Ternopil State Medical University family. It is one of the best medical schools in Ukraine, here you will have the opportunity train for the noblest profession. I wish you to study the art of healing diligently. May God’s bless you for hard work and support you in your commitment. ”


Next addressing the students was Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, associate professor Halyna Krytska. She mentioned that the university just celebrated its 60th anniversary and throughout this time both teachers and students have been proving that our university is the best in Ukraine and contributing to its reputation worldwide. On behalf of the faculty, staff and students she thanked those who protect peace at the eastern borders of our country, as well as those who save lives and mend health of our servicemen.


“Tomorrow is a start of new season, autumn, and a new stage also starts in your lives as you become university students. Ahead of you is hard work, classes, examinations, but also opportunities for relaxation and recharging, trips, and concerts. I would like to see all of you, who are here starting on this path, make it to the end, so that in 5 or 6 we will have gathered here to see you all off starting your professional life. I wish you every success and lots of motivation, “said dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, associate professor Dmytro Korobko.


Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry, associate professor Svitlana Boitsaniuk invited new students to become involved in social and civic life of the university. She wished them good health, since it’s the foundation of a happy life, coming true of their dreams and fruition of all plans.


“It is an especially memorable day for all of us. Our university has rich traditions. International students have been a vital part of its culture for many years. Remember that the Dean’s door is always open for you. Faculty and staff are always happy to help you to integrate into TSMU student family”, said Dean of the International Students’ Faculty Professor Petro Selskyi.


Director of the Institute of Nursing, associate professor Svitlana Yastremska in her speech called attention to the fact that nurses are an essential and at the same time independent part of a multidisciplinary medical team. She wished all students to be industrious, persistent in achieving their dreams, focused and tenacious, and the teaching staff to have lots of inspiration and motivation.


Associate professor Yaroslav Zagrychuk recited the students’ oath.


TSMU rector professor Mykhaylo Korda handed student IDs to those young people who had achieved the highest scores on the entrance tests.

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TSMU faculty and staff joins the well wishes to all freshmen and welcomes them to the student family!


The complete photo album can be viewed here

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