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President of the National Federation of Water Motor Sports thanked TSMU students

Victor Shemchuk, President of the National Federation of Water Motor Sports of Ukraine in his letter addressed to Ternopil State Medical University, thanked TSMU students for their participation and volunteer work during the European Championship of Water and Motor Sport . The event took place in in Ternopil at the end of August.

During these competitions clinical resident Amin Mudasar and students Liubomyr Danyliuk, Mykola Barta and Mykhailo Bandrivskyi accompanied the athletes to the doping control station.

Another student, Iryna Tokarchuk, together with water rescue profeccionals, constantly monitored safety of the athletes and was on stand-by to provide prompt medical assistance if needed.

The University Administration is proud of TSMU students, and applauds their desire to help and  provide assistance. Working as volunteers, the students improve their professional skills in different situations and settings. TSMU Administration always supports such activities, and wishes the doctors-in-training further professional achievements.