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National competition on simulation medicine TernopilSimOlymp 2017 took place at TSMU

National Olympiad on simulation medicine and emergency medical care TernopilSimOlymp 2017 took place on September 29-30 at TSMU’s Chervona Kalyna Academic and Recreation Complex. The organizers of the event were the Central Methodological Center for Higher Medical Education of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine; Ternopil State Medical University, Public Institution National Council for Resuscitation and Emergency Medical Aid; the Youth Branch of NCREMA and Ternopil Regional Association of Simulation Training in Medicine.

17 student and young professionals’ teams took part in the event. Of those, two were from Lithuania, one from Poland, and the rest from Ukrainian medical schools in Donetsk, Kharkiv, Poltava, Dnipro, Vinnytsia, Ivano-Frankivsk, Chernivtsi, Lviv, Odesa, Cherkasy, Ternopil, and Kyiv.

TernopilSimOlymp 2017is the second such event initiated by a group  of TSMU students – members of the Youth Branch of the National Council for Resuscitation and Emergency Medical Aid. All of them went through a teaching course and were certified by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. These young instructors have now trained over 1,000 people for three months. They also organized a series of workshops, competitions and other events. Additionally, they routinely provide emergency medical assistance during festivals, sports competitions and other events.

Last year, with the support of the TSMU administration, the doctors-in training organized a first aid championship Know How to Save! This year’s competition was linked to the work of stimulation training centers in Ukrainian medical schools, becoming an international event TernopilSimOlymp 2017.

Head judge of the competition was Halyna Tsymbalyuk, head of the inter-departmental training center; Vitalii Kryliuk, head of Ukrainian Center for Emergency and Disaster Medicine training center and Mykola Shved, head of TSMU Department of Emergency Medicine, served as judges. The main coordinator of the event was Anastasia Hudyma, a member of the Youth Branch of NCREMA.

Opening the event,  vice-rector for academic work Professor Arkadii Shulhai greeted the participants and organizing committee on on behalf of TSMU rector Professor Mykhaylo Korda.

“This competition is a brainchild of our students. Today Ternopil State Medical University is the leader among Ukrainian medical schools in introducing simulation medicine program into the educational process. Simulation training is a new stage in the teaching of health professionals; it gives the students an opportunity to perfect their skills”.

The head of NCREMA Vitalii Kryliuk added that the Ternopil State Medical University is uniquely suited for holding a competition Olympiad on stimulation medicine.

“This is first time we have organized a competition on simulation training, and I hope we will improve its level with each subsequent event. This is not just a competition, it is also a training, so that each participant can improve their skills and learn something new. I am sure that each of you will find opportunities for professional growth “, – said Vitalii Kryliuk.

Head of the Youth Branch of NCREMA, TSMU student Bohdana Pereviznyk also greeted the participants and wished everyone a successful event.

First day of the event offered the participants a number of workshops, such as:

  1. Initial examination of an injured patient. Basic resuscitation using automatic external defibrillator. (instructors Victor Shatskyi, Myroslav Boichak – assistant professors of TSMU Department of Disaster and Military Medicine.
  2. Emergency triage and medical care. (instructors Halyna Tsymbaliuk, Anatolii Kalyniuk – emergency care doctors, Ritis Malasauskas, Tomas Gurskas – paramedics from Lithuania).
  3. Patient examination in hospital Emergency Department setting. Resuscitation measures. (NCREMA instructors Vitalii Kryliuk, Ivan Kuzminskyi).
  4. Medical assistance in mass casualty events. Triage. Emergency infusion therapy (instructor Arsen Hudyma – Head of TSMU Department of Disaster and Military Medicine, TDMU).

The workshops also allowed the participants to get comfortable using the equipment during competition stages.

In addition, medical manufacturers offered master classes on using their equipment, such as Stopping massive bleeding using TM SPAS bandages (Volodymyr Zveniatskyi, instructor of fire and tactical medicine) and ” Equipment for transportation and immobilization at the pre-hospital stage “( Artem Shatokhin – head of the company OZHIVA).

 As the competition started on 29 September, the teams received two scenarios for medical assistance, which included working with minimal equipment such as a first aid car kit or automatic external defibrillator. Subsequent scenarios envisaged the participants becoming members of the EMD team and using the equipment available in the ambulance for emergency medical care. The day ended with competitions of physical skills and abilities to perform medical manipulations.

On 30 September team captains completed the tasks of a computer training and assessment program on disaster medicine, offered by the Vilnius company Learn Key.

The final tasks took place on the stage of Chervona Kalyna congress center, where at a simulated emergency department, the finalists provided medical care to a patient brought over in the ambulance. Making it to the final stage were student teams from Vinnitsa, Ternopil, and Cherkasy, as well as all professional teams and all foreign teams.

Thus, among the student teams, the first place took Vinnytsia, the second – Cherkasy, and the third – Ternopil (TSMU).

Among the professional teams, Ternopil doctors took the first place.

the first place Among the foreign teams took team № 2 from Kauna,(Lithuania, the second – team № 1 from Kaunas, and the third – the team from Lublin, Poland.

The participants and teams also received prizes for individual competitions.


Within the framework of the Olympiad, heads of the delegations took part in a seminar on simulation medicine, and toured TSMU’s inter-departmental training center. Seminar participants agreed to create an organizational committee to initiate a National association of simulation training in medicine. Representative of Lublin Medical University participated in a meeting to discuss international academic exchanges in simulation medicine, while the head of IT company Learn Key discussed the development of educational stimulation programs.

 The organizers would like to thank sponsors of the competition: chief partner LLC KSENKO, as well as TSRA Family and Youth Department, the pharmaceutical corporation YURIA-PHARM, the companies OZHIVA, TM SPAS, and Mykulynetskyi brovar LLC.

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