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TSMU students gifted medical equipment to a training and rehabilitation center

Ternopil State Medical University students enthusiastically participate in charity actions, helping those in need of support and attention. Associate professor of the Department of Philosophy and Social Studies Taras Kabodnyi together with Ukrainian and international students have organized a university-wide volunteer movement MISERICORDIA. Its Latin name can be translated as a kind or compassionate heart. As part of this project, volunteers help the Ternopil regional educational and rehabilitation center where children with disabilities live and study.

“This is the fifth year we have been caring for these schoolchildren,” – says Taras Kabodnyi. “We visit them, have conversations, we often share delicious meals, we bring the necessary medical equipment. This time, volunteers have raised funds and purchased a foot massager, vibrating dumbbells and a comfortable wheelchair. It is rewarding that both Ukrainian and international students from different courses and faculties have actively responded to the call to help children. The MISERICORDIA movement is also supported by the members of the Ternopoliany folklore studio and its head, associate professor of the Department of Philosophy and Social Studies Leonid Kravchuk. ”

Staff and children of the regional training and rehabilitation center were pleased to welcome their guests. Deputy head of TSMU Center for Academic and Cultural Development, associate professor Olena Pokryshko, head of the Ternopoliany folklore studio assistant professor Leonid Kravchuk, and deputy Mayor of Ternopil Leonid Bytsiura greated the audience gathered in the assembly hall.

First-year students Andrii Onyskiv and Amar Al Hamar, who came from Syria, presented the center with the medical equipment. Other members of the MISERICORDIA volunteer movement gave the boys and girls gifts of fruit and sweets.

Head of the Regional Educational and Rehabilitation Center Iryna Korol thanked TSMU students for the gifts, noting that this physical rehabilitation equipment will be a significant help in the treatment of children.