TSMU students participated in 68th congress of the association of Polish surgeons in Krakow

On 27-30 September 68th Congress of the Association of Polish Surgeons took place in ICE Krakow Congress Centre in Poland with Prof Paweł Lampe as Chair of the Scientific Committee and Prof Piotr Richter as Chair of the Organising Committee.

On the first day, after official opening, surgery workshops took place where young surgeons and residents were improving their manual skills.

Following days were dedicated to plenary sessions and thoroughly selected presentations in the fields such as endocrine surgery, endoscopy and minimally invasive surgeries, laparoscopic live surgery, pancreas cancer treatment, laparoscopic total gastrectomy,
skin transplantation, etc.

During MEDtuve video session each participant had an opportunity to take part in knowledge quiz, where the main prize was a professional training laparoscop. Thanks to his expansive knowledge and deep interest in the subject, one of the participants, 2nd course TSMU student Piotr Ostrowski had won this award.

TSMU students from Poland with Prof Antoni Szczepanik, President of the European Society of Surgery. From left to right- Joanna Dereń, Piotr Ostrowski, Agnieszka Solarska, Magdalena Szczepanik, Aleksandra Pudzianowska, Wojciech Wawszczyk, Aleksandra Karasiuk,  Maciek Miecznikowski, Konrad Kopeć, Kamil Bednarczyk.

Even though this was a professional confress, it had a warm, friendly atmosphere. The participants had the opportunity to develop their knowledge, share new concepts, and discuss developements in the areas of treatment and surgery techniques.

Narrated by Aleksandra Pudzianowska,
edited by Piotr Ostrowski, Inna Birchenko