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TSMU students took part in World Hospice & Palliative Care Week events

To mark World Hospice & Palliative Care Week, professors and students of TSMU Institute of Nursing together with employees of Ternopil Regional Hospice organized an event aiming to inform about the current state of palliative and hospice care. Joining the representatives of the League of Palliative and Hospice Assistance in Ternopil region, they set up an information tent next Ivan Franko monument, giving detailed explanations and consultations to Ternopil public. Ternopil State Medical University students joined the action, helping to survey passers-by.

The main objective of the survey was to promote public awareness and evaluate whether Ternopil residents know about this type of assistance, and where to find it if necessary. The organizers of the event were surprised to find out that majority of the citizens did not have information about Ternopil Regional Hospice and its work, which allows people at the terminal stage to receive assistance and improve their quality of life. These findings suggest that information campaigns need to be organized regularly so that city residents have a better understanding of developments in palliative and hospice care in our region.

At the same time, TSMU students were pleasantly impressed by the willingness of the Ternopil residents to serve as hospice volunteers. Many of those surveyed expressed their desire to help hospice staff, to visit with hospice patients, give them emotional support and lift the spirits of people in especial need of warm and kind words.

Students of the Institute of Nursing also visited the Ternopil Regional Hospice, doing volunteer work and taking a number of practical classes at the facility. First-year students TSMU of Faculty of Medicine had a lecture on palliative and hospice care.

World Hospice & Palliative Care Week is observed annually on the second Saturday in October. Its initiator is the Worldwide Hospice Palliative Care Alliance, which includes national and regional organizations in over 70 countries and support the development of hospice and palliative care around the world.