Ternopil State Medical University students of the organized an educational campaign

Several national educational events took place on October 20, the Ukrainian Day for Fight against Breast Cancer. Ternopil State Medical University students supported action, organizing a public awareness campaign informing Ternopil residents about this disease and methods of its prevention.

On the Theater Square, students of the Faculty of Medicine  Uliana Saturska, Vita Kosovska, Iryna Zubok, Tetiana Karpiak, Kateryna Bihuniak, Natalia Petrova, Mariana Pozun, Ostap Saturskyi and Stepan Vankevych handed out leaflets, answered the questions, explained how to perform breast self-exam, talked about risk factors and methods for preventing the disease. In addition, our students offered the passers-by to pin pink ribbons in show of solidarity with the fight against breast cancer.

The World Breast Cancer Day is observed annually to draw the public’s attention to this disease, and raise awareness to the methods of diagnosis and proper treatment.

Breast cancer is the second most common oncological disease after lung cancer. In women aged 13 to 90, it is the most common form of cancer.

Among the risk factors are age, genetic mutations, early start of menstrual period, late or no pregnancy, starting menopause after age 55, not being physically active, drinking alcohol, and being overweight or obese after menopause. In 5-10% of cases, the disease is caused by hereditary mutations.

The best prevention is systematic self-examination, balanced intake of vitamins A, E and D, and breast mammography after the age of 45.