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TSMU overseas students celebrated the International Students’ Day

On November 17, 2017 Ternopil State Medical University students presented a concert program to celebrate International Students’ Day. A traditional event, this was a prefect opportunity for everyone to showcase their talents.

Dean of the Internationa Students’ Faculty, Professor Petro Selskyi greeted spectators and performers, and handed certificates of achievement to the best students.

The concert program started with a dance performance by Indian students.

Next, a duo of students from Nigeria impressed the audience with their tender performance. The girls look forward to taking part in citywide song contests, representing our university.

Mariana Varvariuk recited in English the poem Destiny of the great Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko.

Aleksandra Pudzianowska from Poland presented a song.

Michael Hanna from Egypt performed a touching song.

One of the highlights of the evening was the comedy from Nigerian students. They performed sketches about student life and everyday situations in the dorms and during lectures. Both performances ended with teachable moments. The  self-deprecating humor of Nigerian students earned them sincere laughter and thunderous applause from the audience.

Another surprise of the evening was the debut of Ukrainian-Polish duo of Hubert Mikosza and Krystyna Vrublevska. They performed a number from the famous Ghost of the Opera. Their voices sounded beautiful and well complemented each other. Krystyna Vrublevska noted that singing a classical duet was her childhood dreem, which finally came true here at the university. Hubert Mikosza added that he is very grateful to Christina for the proposal to sing together and for sharing his passion for classics.

Then, students from Nigeria shared interesting trivia about their country, followed by a song performance by Egyptian student Mahmoud Issa.

During the International Student Evening, the audience could vote for a winner of the photography contest Our Students’ Life. The finalists were sixth year students of the Group 40, whose picture received 740 likes, third-year students of the Group 35 with over 500 likes, and third-year students of the Group 39.

The voting determined that the students of Group 40 will receive the grand prize, coffee and cake in the cafe Kolizhanka, from the Dean’s office and the firm WELLTEK INTERNATIONAL (Director Dr. Shahzad Najam, MD).

The runners up received a prize from the university press service, a photo shoot with professional photographer Mykolai Vasylechko. A new photo contest, dedicated to the International Women’s Day will soon be announced on TSMU’s website and its official Facebook page.

Anna Janicka from Poland received a flurry of applause for her flute performance of the hit Despacito.

The group Tequila from Poland had some technical difficulties during their performance, but the string trio of Ola Dobroszczyk (violin), Kamil Marzec (solo guitar), and Arkadiusz Leśniak-Moczuk (acoustic guitar + vocals) persisted and received applause from the grateful audience.

Indian students introduced the fiery bangar. The very first chords of this infectious tune compelled all Indians in the audience to get to their feet and support their compatriots.

The last scheduled performer was Jeffrey Augustus, however at the end of the night everyone had the opportunity to get to stage with their own improvisation, song, dance or just words and greetings.

The concert had an emotional, supportive atmosphere and revealed diverse talents of the doctors-in-training.