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TSMU students of organized a series of events for the World Diabetes Day

With support of Ternopil State Medical University Center for Educational Work and Cultural Development, volunteer student teams constantly come up with interesting events to organize in our university and the city. The students get hands-on experience of preventive work, learn communication and medical skills all the while making positive contribution to the health Ternopil residents.

This year, together with coordinator of TSMU volunteer movement Associate Professor Ivanna Kernychna, students organized several events on World Diabetes Day.

One of these events, Sweet Life Without Sugar, took place on November 15, 2017. The main idea was to make cookies with minimal use of sugar / glucose, using honey, apples, cinnamon, and oat flour. The initiator of the event was faculty of Medicine student Solomiia Pyndykivska, who, together with Olha Kozak and other students, sugar-free made pastries.

Our students visited patients in the surgical and general departments of University Hospital, talking to them about diabetes mellitus. One can adjust the lifestyle and diet taking into account the facts about the disease, but not depriving themselves of the joys of life, including sweets. Cakes wade with dietary ingredients cam taste just as good as those made with lots of sugar.

Mariana Boiko, Liudmyla Vozniuk, Kateryna Sorochan, Kateryna Yankovenko, Olha Kozak, and Antonina Krukovets shared practical information about nutrition.

On November 18, 2017, TSMU volunteers Natalia Terletska, Kateryna Biguniak, Olha Ivanytska, Antonina Krukovets, Roman Yaroslavitskyi and coordinator of the event Olha Kozak, organized a diabetes awareness event in one of Ternopil supermarkets.

Doctors-in-training offered everyone to measure their blood glucose level and blood pressure, and talked about how to tests for glucose level in the blood and the first symptoms and complications of diabetes.

According to our volunteers, many shoppers liked the opportunity to get the tests done and were interested in learning how eat well and lead a healthy lifestyle. Medical students were pleased to help Ternopil residents with information about insidious disease such as diabetes.