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TSMU will collaborate with Radiation Therapy Center in Elbląg

A specialist in oncology radiotherapy and clinical oncology Dr. Andrzej Badzio on November 22, 2017 gave a talk Modern Methods of Radiotherapy in the Treatment of Cancer Diseases for lecturers and students of Ternopil State Medical University. Dr. Badzio received professional training at the University of Gdansk’s Department of Oncology and Radiotherapy under the supervision of Professor Jacek Jassem.

Andrzej Badzio continues to do research at Gdańsk Medical University. He is the author and co-author of more than 130 publications, including in the prestigious Journal of Thoracic Cancer (United States). Addotionally, he the head of radiotherapy department at Elbląg Radiation Therapy Center.

After the talk, Dr. Badzio and his colleagues met with TSMU rector Professor Mykhaylo Korda. During the meeting, they discussed the possibility of an internship for the specialists of our university at Elbląg Radiation Therapy Center. There, they will have an opportunity to improve their professional skills allowing them to apply this knowledge practicing medicine of our region. Elbląg Radiation Therapy Center agreed to provide the interns with accommodation. To this end, the parties will shortly sign the agreement on cooperation.