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TSMU hosted conference Advancements in Pancreatology: Diagnosis, Treatment, Nutrition in Diseases of The Pancreas and Comorbid Diseases.

On November 16-17, 2017, Ternopil State Medical University Ministry hosted conference Advancements in Pancreatology: Diagnosis, Treatment, Nutrition in Diseases of The Pancreas and Comorbid Diseases. Conference organizers were the NGO Association of Family Physicians of Ternopil Region, the Association of Dieticians of Ukraine. The conference was supported by the Ukrainian Club of Pancreatologists (president prof. N.B. Huberhrits) to mark 10th anniversary of the club. Organizing committee received assistance from TSMU administration, and wishes to thank TSMU rector prof. M. M. Korda, and vice-rectors for research prof. I.M. Klesh and clinical work prof. S. Y. Zaporozhan for their contribution to organization of the conference.

In the two days of the conference it was attended by almost 400 doctors of various branches of medicine: family doctors, general practitioners, pediatricians, gastroenterologists, surgeons, and reflexologists, as well as nurses and primary medical care personnel. Professors and scholars from different regions of Ukraine presented 22 reports.

Welcoming the participants, TSMU vice-rector for clinical work prof. S.Y. Zaporozhan, emphasized the importance of effective treatment and prevention of pancreatic diseases in clinical practice, and the multidisciplinary nature of these disorders, requiring the efforts of doctors of various specialties.

In his welcoming address, TSMU vice-rector for research, prof. I.M. Klisch underscored scientific significance of the scheduled talks, and their applicability to both fundamental and practical medicine.

President of Ukrainian Pancreaticology Club, prof. N.B. Huberhrits (Odessa) shared the latest news of European pancreatology discussed at the Budapest meeting of the European Pancreaticology Club in July 2017.

Prof. Huberhrits then presented her research on pathogenesis and current treatment protocols of non-alcoholic fatty liver and pancreas, topical issues of GERD management, treatment of excessive bacterial growth syndrome, and manifestations of alcohol-induced damage to the digestive system.

Dr. L.S. Babinets (Ternopil), vice-president of Association of Family Physicians of Ternopil Region discussed scientific and practical developments in emergency pancreatology in her presentation Management of the Patients with Chronic Pancreatitis and Comorbid Conditions in Outpatient Practice.

Other presenters spoke about various disorders of the pancreas and liver, and proposed effective treatment protocols. Participants also had the opportunity to tour Ternopil, and visit local natural history museum.